3 billion user accounts have been hacked in 2013: Yahoo

Revealed last year that a billion accounts of their users are affected by data breaches in 2013, Yahoo has now announced that all their users “nearly 3 billion at a time” have already Affected by large data breaches. Yahoo, now part of Oath “a subsidiary of Verizon,” said Monday night that it was providing notifications to people’s accounts. Other uses are affected by the August 2013 data theft that the company disclosed earlier on December 14, 2016. At that point, Yahoo disclosed that more than one of the three billion existing accounts in 2013 could have been touched. The company said in a statement, following the acquisition of Verizon by Yahoo and in the process of integration, the company has recently acquired new information and believes that after an investigation, with the help of experts In forensics, all Yahoo user accounts are affected by theft in August 2013. Yahoo Send email notifications to other affected user accounts. “The survey revealed that users of stolen account information did not include passwords in plain text, billing card data or bank account information. to work closely with the police, “the statement said. Verizon acquired Yahoo for its commitment to the highest standards of accountability and transparency, and we are actively working to ensure the safety and security of our users. Our network is in the context of online threat development, “said Chandra McMahon, Verizon Chie Information Security Manager. This group continues to take significant steps to enhance their security and benefit from Verizon’s experience and resources, “added Mr. McMohan. Last year, Yahoo revealed a violation. The new security may have affected more than one billion user accounts. “For affected accounts, stolen user account information may include names, email locations, phone number, date of birth, hash password (using MD5) and, in some cases, encrypted or unencrypted security questions and answers, “said Bob Lord, Chief Information Security Officer, Yahoo. . .

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