30 things I did before I turned 30

I was depressed because my father broke up, he lost our house and he went crazy. He was crying all the time, wondering “what’s wrong?” and I listened to music until he died. I’m depressed because the first ten girls I asked did not love me and they said no. Two fled before they finished. One person said yes and the next day he told his brother to tell me no. I was depressed when my mother hit me because I woke up my father after his operation. She made me stop in the middle of the room and did not move when she came to hit me. I was depressed when I started my first business, CollegeCard (a student debit card), it stopped working after less than a year. I was depressed when I was expelled from the university. The letter cited the lack of maturity … I had dinner the other day with the teacher who wrote the letter. Herb Simon, a Nobel Prize-winning economist, said: “Why do we let this guy sit at a desk doing nothing while we can have a student doing something and I guess he was right. I was depressed when a girl I was in love with went home for a few weeks in her home country and her family found a letter that I wrote to her so they organized a wedding for her in a few days and when he returned to the city, he denied that we would ever go out, I called one of my friends, but I cried so much I could not talk and he could not know who he was, so he hung up. I’m depressed when four I novels were not published before the age of 26. I’m depressed when 50 news that I wrote and sent to magazines was not published. were rejected by standard letters, from the thousands of letters and copies of writings that I sent to the twenty years, I did not receive a personalized rejection. I worked 10 hours a day writing and nothing came out in my twenties, without hope for the future. I was depressed when a TV show I showed on HBO was rejected after spending a year shooting a 45-minute pilot. The woman in charge of the decision said: For material like this, you have to show someone to shoot your naked mother or show your neighbors fucking. Now he is responsible for programming the HBO family. I was depressed when a 13-year-old girl crushed me in chess. Her name, in fact, is Irina Krush. He was a strong player and had studied for years. He analyzed the game for me and told me where I was wrong in the ninth movement. Then I stopped playing tournament chess. I was depressed when Amy chose another boy for me. I really fell in love with her. She married him and has a son. I met her a few years ago. I always felt depressed for her. I was depressed when I loved this girl, Jaimie, and she liked me, but I was so nervous and intimidated by her that I could not play? . One night, he literally kicked me until I fell off the bed and told me to leave. So that was it. I was depressed when I moved alone to my first apartment. I only had a foam mattress and it was hot and I had a fever and all the sweat soaked in the mattress. When I woke up in the middle of the night on a mattress drenched in sweat, I was covered in cockroaches. I was depressed when I participated in a contest to write a novel for three days. I finished the novel and called my girlfriend at that time. I wanted to see me. She said, I thought we were going to take a break ?? And that was it. I was depressed because I thought my business was going to take off and the first full-time day in my business, our biggest client canceled us. I jumped out of my bed, claiming to be Superman, and broke my toe and had to use a discard. So I had to start a new school as a first student and I was that child? Limping with the plaster. I was depressed when I was ten years old and they caught me stealing football cards at the local toy store. They returned my coat and came out packets of letters. They said, right? and I said yes. They shook more. More packages are out. IS THAT? Yes? They shook more. More packages … And so on. I was depressed when, ten minutes later, they found my grandparents and asked them to go to the back of the store. The look that my grandmother gave me. I was depressed when I was 16 and had so much acne and so many cysts that I could barely see my face. I heard the girls talking about me and looking at me and then looking the other way when I looked. A guy, Yung Shin, told me: try to smile a lot. You are depressed because the cysts are purple. You’re depressed when I interrupted school because I was so embarrassed by what it looked like. I went to New York and was attacked and I stole my backpack and a stack of books that I wanted to read that day. Later: my mother asks me where is your backpack? I was depressed when I was eight years old and my father convinced me to donate all my games to charity and he gave me his tax deduction. I did not even know what a tax deduction was, but I thought it was a lot of money. I gave him about 20 games (Monopoly, Ladders Falls, Trouble, etc.). About six months later, he gave me a dollar. I was depressed in the first semester of graduate school when . Until then, I thought I was smart. But at that moment I knew that for the rest of my life I had to pretend. I was depressed when we moved to a new city when I was five years old. My new friends. I thought it would be fun to hold my hand on a burning barbecue as long as possible. We moved a month or two after that. I was depressed when I was not happy in a relationship but we lived together and we were both too poor to leave. So I stayed at work and played chess online all the time. At least 20 hours per day. And she would get mad at me and hit the door of my office, but I would lock her up and pretend that she was not there. I was depressed when she cheated on me. But I deserved it. I was depressed when my high school girlfriend and I took the Kung Fu School Year and we won.

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