4 Reasons Why You Must Register The Code For The Next Rate Program

This story is brought to you by art. Opportunities are among the best in the IT industry, with access to a global platform to help startups grow and develop, an opportunity to have the ability to show and present your product, and the opportunity to be sponsored and brewed. As an entrepreneur, if you find these potential customers attractive and attractive, there are many reasons why you should apply for the Next Billion Code. Facebook Venture and NASSCOM 10,000 Beginning, the next Billion Code will be launched in 2016 with the aim of discovering and empowering social entrepreneurs who build a mobile application. / strong> for new users using the Internet. Facebookare is committed to providing people with the power of accessibility and the removal of social and economic barriers for people who are not connected, leaving room for the second version of the program. This initiative reaches the furthest corners of the country. The six-month roleplaying program is looking for early, ready-to-use launches for mobile devices. As part of the program, participants will learn advanced technology and business mentors, participate in webinars and workshops for hands-on training and gain access to the Investors can help validate and develop the selected startups. Program areas of focus include: Health and happiness Gender equality and diversity – including Improve literacy and the financial economy Access to benefits and benefits for the public The program is also supported by donor partners such as Unitus Seed Fund, Ankur Capital and Angel Network India; Alpha Alpha Incubator Social Partner and Design4India Design Consultant. Here are four reasons why you should not miss this great opportunity: One Opportunity to interact with whoare – who of the industry One of the most important things that a budding start-up requires is proper guidance. The code for the next rate gives the participant the opportunity to interact with other professionals and industry pillars. The selected start-ups will be advised on various topics such as product design and development, construction for emerging markets, business planning and piracy, among others. . Access to FbStart – Facebook’s global launch platform is a global Facebook initiative that helps startups grow their businesses. The program includes two songs to start at different stages. Bootstrap Accelerate The code selected for the next billionaire finals will have the opportunity to be part of the FbStart program, helping them grow their business. Opportunity to connect with investors < / strong> The platform offers participants the opportunity to sharpen their pitching skills with an Investment Investment Workshop, and at the end of the show participants will also participate in a exclusive closing session, which will give them the opportunity to raise funds and be cherished. All media you are exposed to may request < Each start-up is looking for global level recognition Some of the larger local media will include the code for the next billionaire program, giving you the opportunity to create titles.This not only helps you understand your business. rise, but you can also attract more customers. What more can you ask for? Now, you already know what's in store - access to the best technology and business mentors; The opportunity to be part of Facebook's global launch program, FbStart, and NASSCOM's launch of 10,000 virtual launches and access to India's leading investors and historic orchestras - does not stop. miss the opportunity to be part of this incredible initiative. If you're a startup, create the first mobile solution to transform your life. The parts are out of the society, you know what you need to do. About Alpha Social Alphaare Social Incubation Services - Innovation and Entrepreneurship Society (FISE), an initiative of Tata Trusts that promotes social innovation and entrepreneurship. Extend the social impact of sustainability. UNICEF is a technology enterprise incubator, approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. from India, where nurturing startup companies in the social field through the lab from the market. Alphaare's unique three-tiered social architecture focuses on innovation, business incubation, and piracy to address the challenges of scale and sustainability. About Unitus Seed Fund Unitus Seed Fund is the leading venture capital fund to invest in innovative companies for the masses in India. Degrees. Unitus invests in areas such as health, education and financial technology. The Unitus Seed Fund is supported by large individual investors, family offices and facilities in the United States and India. The Seed Unitus Fund is part of Unitus Group, a leading provider of financial services in India and other emerging markets since 2000. The Seed Unitus Fund is based in Bangalore and a member of the r√©seauCapria. More about: About Ankur Capital Ankur Capital is a venture capital fund investing in creative creation opportunities. Out by increased desire and digital access. billion Indians. We invest in technology and product innovation in agriculture, health, education and other fields that can have a big impact. We bring more capital; Our in-house partnerships with the portfolio companies to accelerate growth. We are investing in nine companies in these areas. Many companies in our portfolio have moved on to raise new capital. About the Angel Network India Angel Network India is the first in India and the largest angel network in the world. with more than 460 members around the world, including successful business people and dynamic CEOS. With investors from 11 countries, IANare's presence extends to seven locations, including cities in India and the United Kingdom. The network is independent of the industry and has funded startup companies in 17 regions in India and 6 other countries by developing global footprint companies. Angel Network India has pioneered the seed investment and early stage, it has now launched a fund of ¬£ 450 crores VCfund now, the largest platform for seed early stage where businesses can mobilize 25 Virtually 50 crores (with copper investors). Some of our companies are revolutionary beneficiaries in the social impact field such as Saahas, GramVaani, GoCoog, Consure, Arcatron, Ecosense, Farmart, Inthreeaccess, PEEBudy, etc. .

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