7 ways that a manager can degrade the productivity of their employees

People do not change jobs, they change managers? Create an inspiring environment so employees can talk more easily. For any business, employee productivity is important. The more effective the employee, the better the company succeeds. As a manager, our goal is to avoid management behavior that can affect employee productivity. And it’s important to realize that the organizational culture and the attitudes of senior management determine the factor behind an effective workforce. Here are some ways that managers can reduce their labor productivity. p> It’s easy to underestimate the power of the best talent and ignore it. Most managers make this mistake and end up demotivating their staff. Employees feel frustrated and unenthusiastic because their skills are ignored. Try this: Recognize the top performers in your company, recognize their talents and congratulate them on their success. Interact with them and understand how they differ from others. To retain your employees, cultivate a culture of professional growth. Micro There are managers who make their employees feel lost because of their control. Breathing your neck is not going to help. Micro-management must be controlled to avoid any degradation of staff productivity. Try this: Do not take control, make people take responsibility for their work. Stay away from micromanagement by developing trust. Choose the right talent and clarity of expectations. Driven by fear Fear is a motive powerful who can force employees to lose their jobs. Driving with fear is a sign of suspicion among employees. A good manager is someone who trusts his employees. Those who threaten the security of job security of the employee, disable their team. Try this: Avoid mental killer activities and reduce employee productivity. Do not warn them that they are losing their jobs because of their small mistakes. Think carefully before threatening job security unreasonably. Take a deep breath, look at the positives and let it go. Good employees rarely stick to scary managers. Clearly communicate visibility and goals to groups for credit when they are due. Social Media Social media provides a window for all managers to test how people live their lives. Managers are not curious or need more of their employees on social media. Employees are followed by their elders, resulting in dishonest relationships. Try this: Allow workers to live their personal lives without being compromised. According to Harvard Business Review, art. Poor use of technology > Many managers refuse to adopt the technology. There are a number of technologies that increase productivity in the workplace and can be very effective. It is important to look for different hardware and software solutions that can improve the efficiency of your workplace. Try this: Use software or devices that facilitate communication and collaboration for employees. Lack of care p> Year after year, employees suffer from stress. Managers need to increase employee productivity by encouraging self-care and combating burnout before it happens. Try: Cultivate a healthy work culture by listening to employees, providing feedback and setting clear parameters for success. Encourage members to take care of their physical, mental and emotional health. Respect the balance between work and life. Allow them to work from home in emergency situations. Unhealthy corporate culture The corporate culture is a mix of values ??and beliefs that define the personality of your brand. Managers are very busy pursuing results that they forget to take care of the company’s working culture. The only way to maximize results is to create a healthy and productive environment. Try this: Create an environment that attracts employees and promotes motivation and ethics to work well. Engage employees in team building activities, improve communication and show employee care. If the manager takes care of all this, they will have a happy and effective team. Productivity is the focus of the business, growing gradually. ( .

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