A business without culture can not build a sustainable business. “30 initial travel quotes from India

From energy to culture, witness the memorable journey of the Indian businessman in these excerpts and stories! StoryBite is a weekly feature of videoix, with remarkable quotes in our posts last week (see the previous post here ). Share these 30 badges and ideas from June 19th to 25th with your colleagues and network and check out the original articles for more details. Companies with the right genes can still raise capital, even in small markets. – K Ganesh, Growth Story Mobile gaming in India is far from over 10 years ago. People are passionate about copyright infringement and are not willing to pay. – Vaibhav Gupta, Octro Can the digital health industry produce the Unicorn next to India? “Product search Vali Kola, Kalaari Ecommerce Product discovery tools represent a multi-billion dollar opportunity around the world – Raj Dugar, eight risk routes p> There will be huge opportunities for IT companies to match the customer’s focus on AI – Praveen Bhadada, Zinnov customers can not be at the center without innovation, collaboration and ongoing conversion. “- Kumar Rajagopalan, Indian Retailers Association. Exclusivity is key because it brings repeat customers – Arvind Singhal, Technopak Consultancy Customers choose products that offer flexibility, flawless experience and lifetime cost benefits for financial gain – Satyam Kumar, LoanTap < p> The future is deep learning and every industry wants that saw Databases are working on a technological platform capable of providing knowledge. – Srikanth Velamakanni, Fractal Analysis Private is not something to hide. Security is about something to protect. “Edward Snowden” If the RV is to be done in the classroom as a subject, the curriculum must be changed. We gradually evolved from blackboard to virtual reality. – Arvind Mallik, PESITM A business without culture can not build a sustainable business. If there are more patrols, men who harass women will be more afraid because they know they can be caught. But it’s not a long-term solution, it’s just a first step. – Ranju Mehda, Vice Chancellor, Jaipur. Sometimes it’s boring to see women who need money not to participate because of social rules and pressures. – Gaurav Sharma, OBEETEE One of the women in India is anemic, something that can be changed with a better diet that includes more green vegetables. – Archana Stalin, MyHarvest No one appreciates the farmers, nobody tries to understand our pain. We are not beggars, we have a career, but no water and financial support, what can we do? – Vitthal Palve, Ahmednagar It is urgent to attach a positive symbol and discriminate toilets. – Avinash Kumar, Institute of Management Development. Despite some real estate portals, getting a home in India still takes nearly a month. – Atur Agarwal, Flathood Scientific exhibitions in India focus almost exclusively on function, sustainability and security. However, there is no focus on the user experience. – Aparna Vishwananthan, Project Bookmark I did not choose poetry, poetry chose me. – Alok Vaid-Menon, “DarkMattern” Yoga is not a magic rope, it’s a science of life complete with global values ??- Dr. Nagaratna Mysore is the true yoga capital of the world – Arathi Menon, “Smart Life” Everything has been understood except – Jean-Paul Sartre

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