Aahaa! This online business market offers indirect purchase of office products

Enterprise veteran starts in the B2B space with Aahaa Stores, an online B2B marketplace for office equipment claims to help businesses save 20-30% of overhead costs. Founder & # x0; Aahaa store. For 34 years, Asokan Sattanathan has played a leading role in supply chain and marketing in the automotive, telecommunications and engineering sectors. He has joined the board of Airtel, several companies of the Tata group and the Eicher group. In 2013, he finally joined the call of entrepreneurs and founded BETA Solutions, a consulting and strategic operating company. However, another opportunity is waiting to be explored. Large companies traditionally manage direct purchases with s. But when it comes to indirect purchases, usually non-production, that’s another story. Office supplies are not organized in general retail. About 20% of organizational costs require large amounts of procurement, approval, and organizational resources. Instead of buying thousands of units from 100 different vendors across 1000 deals, Asokanare’s idea is to build a stopover for office supplies. Asokan recalls, Although technology has transformed many business processes, buying activity remains static. Collaboration tools, large data analytics, cloud-hosted databases, e-commerce solutions, and more. They have been ignored for a long time. He identified opportunities to reorganize procurement processes from global demand-driven processes. Asokan wants to launch a niche that captures the customer’s reaction when they use their services. Aahaa stores are named for the joy and pleasure of the service provided. Aahaa stores are launched in Chennai in 2013 as a one-stop shop for all business-related office management needs, categorized as indirect expenses. The online B2B market for all office supplies, Aahaa Stores claims to help businesses save 20-30% on costs incurred in indirect purchases through supply chain management, and streamlined and collective supplier networks. Aahaa Stores started with the support of experienced professionals. One of our co-founders, Rajaraman Sundaresan (now CEO of Aahaa Stores), has experience in setting up and operating technology start-ups in Detroit, USA. Another advertiser, Shri Harish, is a tool that designs and implements advanced processes that shape the services of the e-commerce industry. Asokan said, “We are all entrepreneurs who have the thought and the chance to have full employment and responsibility responsibilities. We want to remain a technology company involved in transactional transformation rather than a technology-driven trading company. We have invested time and resources to build a strong foundation for the different needs of the industry. Aahaa stores start with Group Savings. For more than 30 months, they injected about Rs 4 crore into the business. Because our strategy uses advanced cloud-based technology, customized to meet the needs of individual businesses, we need to continue our system integration and software development tasks in one place. long time. Chennai will be a competitive price and will have enough resources to contribute to our development. Asokan said. , although startups such as Kobster and eSupply have had a head start in space. But Aahaa Stores stands out by providing organizations with detailed information on consumption patterns, cost savings and performance issues to help them reduce costs and manage resources efficiently. As for the R: Rajaraman Sundaresan (CEO), Asokan Sattanathan (Founder and President) and Shri Harish Kannan (COO). The demand for flexibility, they did not face any challenge at the beginning up. Well, we were really overwhelmed by the opportunity to conceptualize, design and move quickly with the implementation of our solutions rather than by bureaucratic considerations. prolonged, ?? he says. Aahaa stores not only allow customers to order products but also automatically reorganize in the absence of products and manual data entry, tracking order status at any time. and for predictable delivery. It also makes it easy to identify environmentally friendly products. The 70-member team of Aahaa Storesn works in offices in six cities. They aim for presence in the top 20 cities, including all industrial parks and shopping centers. Manufacturers, importers and major distributors of office consumables, indirect supplies, computer products and gifts are the main stakeholders. Aahaa Stores also works with logistics service providers and warehouses. Volume growth Aahaa Storesn’s target customers are major customers of fixed computer accessories, Facilities, cafes and promotion gifts. These companies usually spend more than 10 million rupiah on an indirect purchase in a year. More than 85% of the products sold by Aahaa Stores are made in India. We have the ability to supply in every city in the country, ?? Asokan said. The start-up claimed to have tripled its revenue last year by acquiring clients including IndusInd Bank, Bosch, Wipro, ITC, Samsung, Yes Bank, Ashok Leyland and Chola. The company has increased its revenue three times – from Rs 18.5 crore to about 65 crore – in the past year, and is looking to reach Rs 200 crore in the next three years. They believe they are ready to reach a performance rate of Rs. 100 crore and reach a break-even point by the end of this year. We win through marking on traded goods and in another model. service charge. We also provide technology services and charging fees for the use of the platform. Asokan explained. Last month, Aahaa Stores raised $ 1 million in the second round of A-side sponsorship from a group of investors led by the Company. by 2016.> We plan to increase geographical presence, move to other vertical markets and increase our customer base. Asokan said. The Aahaa stores now have over 140 major clients; About five new customers are added each month. We have grown more than 3 times in recent years. We will continue this trajectory and reach new geographic areas. We do not carry any activities or lose cash? Asokan said. Aahaa Stores, currently focused on exploring new markets, are hoping to make a profit in the next one or two years. BFSI and IT sector are our target areas. Will we look at other segments after achieving good market share in current areas? Asokan added. In the paper mill market of 20 billion rupees, many players can be set up through office supplies. Simple design and safe delivery are key to the trust of customers in any business. In the B2B segment, core components such as technology, processes, and infrastructure must be able to adapt and evolve customer needs. That’s exactly what Aahaa Stores is aiming for. .

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