Always learn, always curious “what it takes to become this person

Contrary to what many believe, learning never stops at school. However, our concern and our curiosity to do so disappeared somewhere along the way. The reason, as many say, is “life is going on,” that the difficulties of life darken our spirits, although that may be true, but that does not mean there is no going. left behind. An interest and curiosity for the world around us, and as a result, learn more, and it is just as you learn more about it that you will be able to handle it with confidence. Query as a child In today’s world, we are constantly flooded with information < / a>. The present is so strong that we rarely find ourselves on the surface to pause. So, what is the point of all this information when we do not make sense? Only when we ask something we have a reason to dig deeper, and only when we dig deeper we find something worth learning. So, how do you start asking questions? You can start with daily activities and often When you read the news, do not accept ev Everything is undeniable. Query it, and then follow up reading the basic information for additional information until you can form your own opinion. When someone gives you a “fact, do not accept it at face value, no matter how much sound, just ask yourself: Is this really true? … will there be more? Questions are a habit formed over time, this is the only way to think about something: not only will you become more confident, but you inspire Others question their opinions and knowledge. Engage in conversations with people you disagree with A prerequisite for learning is an open mind, and we can not hope to learn unless the doors are open. To do this is to take part in a chat Talk to someone with whom you disagree with. We walk voluntarily on those conversations that seem like a waste of time, but it Not a waste of time if you intend to persuade others that you are not right. You may also be wrong. Do you allow the uncomfortable luxury to change your mind? According to the author of the Brainpickings. Of course, even with this attitude, it is not an easy task. It’s hard to hear a friend who does not respect, let alone talk to them. But it is important to ignore prejudices and try to understand the basis of their opinions. There is a very good chance that you do not have, if not an important point, at least another perspective. Even if you do not get it, you will, at least, learn to disagree in a civil manner. It is important that at the end of the day you will learn something. Talk to people who’ve been there and done it I have the advantages of it since we are all on the same boat. But associate learning stopped there because nobody on this boat would experience what was out there. That’s why we need it Constant contributions from people who have lived more than us. We learn better through their stories. Although they are a reliable source of advice, it’s best not to ask. Why? Because the advice is specific to a situation. You will learn more when you ask them about their life, how they do this and that, and what they think of it. From the story of a single person, you will have a group of information and views, which only increases the rage that you see in the world. It is a great way to learn because most of the time we live in the lives of others. Think of it as if you are reading a good book because it is not the reason we read it. Engage in mechanical work It seems contradictory that you can learn more by doing Things that do not require much thought. The truth is, when you engage in work such as gardening, sewing, knitting or anything related to your hands more than your mind, you let your mind wander. Scientists call this “n”: the space and time your mind needs to organize everything, find patterns, and generate ideas, is an important part of the learning process. to apply. The ultimate goal of learning is to apply, it only makes sense to practice it. Finally, you will discover that learning is not just learning but learning new ways of learning. your mind, your ears and your eyes open. Only when you do it you train your mind to be receptive to all that the world has to offer, and the only way to do it is to learn to become curious again. p> .

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