Anu Meena, 23, an alumnus of IIT in Delhi, is setting up a startup company

The seven-month launch includes young people using technology to connect farmers and businesses. They have increased the number of undisclosed in a ring of seeds and are selling more than 50,000 rupees a day. From a small village in Manoli, Rajasthan, Anu Meena grew up watching the farmer’s challenges facing the sale of his product. She began to think of ways to solve her problem by getting a reasonable price for her vegetables through technology. But for Anu, it’s not just about his grandfather or one farmer: about 13% of India’s GDP comes from agriculture. “An unorganized sector.The combination of technology to organize it will take time,” Anu said.In order to offer the best prices to farmers by eliminating middlemen, Anu launched AgroWave seven months ago The idea behind this company is to optimize the agriculture supply chain by using research, analysis and technology Anu teamed up with IIT’s Delhi teammate, Payal Jawalkar, an analyst at AgroWave , and Arun Yadav, who has more than six years of experience in the agricultural supply chain and now works at AgroWave.

The AgroWave team, Anu Meena, second from left

The launching of fresh fruits and vegetables by farmers and their direct distribution to businesses, using the analysis to match demand with supply, anticipating the need to use historical data (volume, product, frequency, etc.).

Their application is under development; The team plans to launch the Farmer app and the client application for two months. They also want to start providing vegetables and fruits in Rajasthan after six months. We will train farmers to sell their own products. We plan to combine this with government initiatives and farm organizations (FPO) for this. We also provide logistical support to farmers who can not organize themselves. Anu said. AgroWave donated an undisclosed amount of money to Daffodil Software, founded by Yogesh Agarwal, who helped start the business from the beginning. This amount will be used for activities and technological development.

Speaking of the challenges she faces when starting a start-up business, young entrepreneurs say, “We do not currently use any third-party logistics. So, it’s a challenge. The quality of the card is another card. Mapping quality according to customer needs is a difficult task and takes time. Itare not easy to reach with every farmer; We have involved about 50 farmers, but it is difficult to do it on a large scale. We want to cooperate with the government so that we can work with more farmers.

While agricultural businesses aimed at bringing value to consumers and farmers have sprung up in India’s big cities, they have not succeeded in scaling up and making a difference. significant breach in the current purchasing system. AgroWave differentiates itself by targeting companies and operating as agribusiness players.

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