At the age of 45, Dr. Amandeep Kaurn’s passion for health care led her to return to university

Starting in 1990 as a three-bed hospital, Kaurare Amandeep Amandeep Hospital and Clinic became a 200-bed chain on many different establishments. To return to college, walking in the twenty somethings, burning midnight oil to study a completely foreign subject and lead a commercial empire is developing “all this at the age of 45, “Is a testament to violent passion, attracting Amandeep Kaur Dr Health Care . Dr. Amandeep Kaur Meet Dr. Amandeep After finishing at Amritsar Dr. Amandeep Kaur , now 56, to continue his MBBS and graduate postgraduate pediatric Government Medical College, Amritsar. I always wanted to be a doctor. My brother inspired me. I want to be like him, it’s a doctor you see, ?? she told. However, her mother’s plans for her can not be more contradictory to what is best for her. My mother did not want me to become a doctor. She does not think this is the career for women, she felt it was too difficult and I will not be able to take care of her family. You can not blame her; That’s how people think at the time, ?? she said. But, Amandeep fought with tooth and nail, and found an ally not “his father. He encouraged me to pursue medical science. I challenge social norms and finally realized his dream, ?? she says. Even when she was in college, there are very few women in the class “30, exactly, in a series of 150 are even fewer so stay on the wagon to gain postgraduate qualifications” an essential element, these days. ci, in the field of medicine. It is hard work requires a complete dedication and the social fabric of the leader of the organization that we have not allowed this. I have faced a lot of discrimination, especially in my years of study, where a lot of faith has been put in the male doctor, ?? she remembers. Special Union Amandeep finish the MD program, she met and married Avtar Singh, a doctor. He encouraged her to start her own practice at the same time. And in 1990, the Amandeep Hospital was created. In the beginning, the hospital provided pediatric services and only three beds. At this point, the biggest challenge is getting the patient. There are times when I have to sit in the room and wait for hours before a patient comes in. Even though my husband is very good. Working and working as a government doctor, it still creates a bit of financial stress and investment. she remembers. They found their legs early, and when the words came out, did she have a problem? most “” doctorpreneurs would kill for “a wide range of patients in a small base around. In 1995, they expanded the hospital into a 30-bed facility. it plays an important role in the history of the success of this. I am a young girl, little experience, who have a lot to learn in the management of the hospital. the contribution and my support in the law is obvious from the fact that, although they gave us financial support, they chose to name the hospital after me, the girls of them. It is a very advanced movement sets, ?? she says. Develop the professional and personal empire Even if hospital bed linen, infrastructure and fast service, an addition to the line ng she proved particularly difficult and the most is the son of her. The challenge of balancing a career is growing while raising my son in a healthy environment, love is a difficult thing. I want to spend as much time as possible with my son, but was later in a critical moment of the hospital and needed my attention too. It’s physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting for me. At this point, I have assembled a core team with a vision that fits my vision for the hospital. I believe this is a challenge that all women face at some point in their lives. With the support of our family and colleagues, we learn to manage both aspects professionally; it only takes a little time ?? She said. The next step was in 1996, when her husband joined Amandeep Hospital and At this time, the number of patients has nearly doubled. While we are struggling with space issues, we still have no financial scope to expand the base and continue for more than four years. Again, my rules have saved us and helped us by investing more. They helped us to start a second installation bringing total capacity to 50 beds. she speaks. By the way, and in a few stages, the facility was expanded to 100, 120, 180 and finally 200 beds today, through its multi-specialty hospital in Pathankot and OPD clinic. in Jammu, Ferozpur and Bhatinda. Amandeep Hospital plans to start Amandeep Medicity with specialties such as liver transplant, cardiovascular and kidney transplants. With complementary specialties, the biggest challenge is dealing with finance and governance. The facility belongs to two doctors, who have had full hands on their medical practice. They quickly realized that their hospital had two equally important functions – and that the high-level health care they provided could be important, but without sound administrators and administrators. Wise, they all worked for can not do anything. p> At the end of 2004, we realized that we had no idea about our financial situation, that the stock had been poorly managed and that the entire commercial aspect of the establishment has been ignored. As doctors, both of us are really passionate about our careers, but one of us must be involved in the management and operation of the hospital. In 2006, I made one of the hardest decisions of my life and quit my pediatrician career to focus on hospital management. Says Amandeep. However, she quickly realized that her medical education would not help her manage a hospital. Determined to do so, she decided to go back to college and take IGNOU’s health care management course while juggling hospital responsibilities. It usually means waking up at 2am for your exams! It’s impressive when you realize she’s done it at the age of 45. Many firsts of your credit < p> Completing his course, the first step she takes on is to reignite an old “teaching” fire. Amandeep led the introduction of their graduate degree in orthopedics, plastic surgery and anesthesia. Current models include health and education. The institute is registered with the National Board of Education to teach students of DNB Orthopedics and Cosmetic Surgery. The hospital is also accredited with SAFE and NABH quality standards. Our hospital has some of the first. This is the first hospital to put nails on the management of fractures, arthritis and first hospital in the area. burnt. First hospital established liver transplants n? she proudly declared. Currently, while each hospital chain is run by a group of companies, we are the only hospital chain managed entirely by doctors. In addition to their work in the field of health, they have also launched a number of community service projects, such as health camps, awareness campaigns, and enhanced campaigns. the first perception to reach students and first aid, through audio-visual presentations and practical experiences. In the midst of all this, the only cause she defended Constantly is not only a professional leader, but also a perfect woman. Amandeep believes that it is important to defend your interests and defend yourself. If, at some point, you feel that your dignity or your career goals are being hindered simply because you are a woman, you must stand up and take bold steps to overcome the situation? Amandeep said, in conclusion.

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