Author Suman Chhabria Addepalli “Bag it Alln ‘with his Urban Firefly boot

How the author and entrepreneur Suman Chhabria Addepalli puts on many hats and keeps abreast of everything. In some calls, “when I was in Bangalore and she was in Mumbai,” we talked about the many loves of her life. With two different roles that she embraces, you can feel the power and passion of Suman Chhabria Addepalliare. A true blue man from Mumbai, escaping the entrepreneurial spirit and writing with ease, Suman believes that, Writing is a practice, Joint is a practical tutorial. Both require great discipline, which fortunately is part of my DNA. In the process of writing his latest book, Bag it All, Suman has transformed urban gardening into a successful business. Urban Firefly, a one-stop shop for gardening solutions, was launched in July last year. Suman Chhabria Addepalli The author says Age records the journey of Indian origin Nina Lekhiare . The book has many practical, practical and insecure lessons about entrepreneurship and the flame in Ninaare’s story can shed light on the business in anyone. Is it really a success story of the only Indian woman woman? Suman is an enthusiastic fan of Baggit, Suman is pleased to write the book when he is approached by his best friend, Rashmi Bansal, who takes the opportunity to discover not only the success stories that can be seen See the Indian entrepreneurs, but the wrong steps, dilemmas and doubts the entrepreneurs face on their journey. I feel that many Indian entrepreneurs are too humble, shy and do not want to reveal their history. your mistakes and failures. I am anxious because, from the beginning, Nina is willing to share many details about her personal and professional journey. He also revealed that, over the years, he met, experimented with different formats and products before discovering what he wanted to produce. Listen to Nina Speaking of her brand, Suman wanted to not only represent the trip. “He was inspired to market a hobby in a business. Author Suman Chhabria Addepalli with the book Bag It All. Love for gardening With Suman and his mother using all possible facets to plant trees The house of his childhood is full of trees, the fact is that our windows, not with a little sunlight, They did not stop my mother (whom I followed) or me. However, the plants are not working well, chickens, roses, mogras almost never bloom, planters in pots have complained about the same problem. . At Sumanare, two years in Pune (2009 “2011), they failed to make their garden bloom and their disappointment with the gardener’s inability to revive their thin trees helped her dig up the mud and use some of the Urea fertilizers to grow your plants and trees. The result? Did everyone go black in the next three days? Suman ruĂ©. Anguish leads to anger, eventually becoming a goal. She said, I want to access the rich gardening information that exists. This has happened more than seven years. No matter what I learned, I shared it with my friends. People started coming home to learn compost and gardening. Many people suggest that I should do this in the qualification. At the same time, creating Ninaare’s book and writing her story gave me the last impulse to move on. Firefly Graphic Official launch in July 2016, to market my hobby, but it’s bigger than anything else you’ve done. there is no time, ?? she said. Even before completing her name, Suman closed the logo she wanted. I choose Urban Firefly because Mumbai has a population that pays a lot of money to live in small spaces, almost without vegetation. Most apartments have concrete walls when viewed from the window “the balcony is a luxury.” Most of the gardening experiments take place in the windows there limited sunlight failed. I chose the word “fireflyn” because as a child, I could never take my eyes off when I saw it shine. With an initial investment of around a thousand and a lot of time to develop content and capabilities, Suman started his company. Teach people to take care of their crops, work in small spaces and without chemical products, Sumanare workshops and corporate gifts are a great success. Corporate gifts, by their nature, are profitable in gross terms. I know we have participated in important tournaments when the largest media conglomerate in India and the international hotel chain called us to ask for bulk quantities of terrariums for their clients and partners during the 2016 festival season. (Diwali), Christmas and Year New). ?? Suman paid close attention to understanding the gaps in the market, as he did with everything else in his life. I attended the workshops offered by the great nurseries, other gardening courses, and tied up with the suppliers of gardening products that I have loved and used for many years. .? Urban Firefly Corporate Gifts Through workshops, educating people (individuals, corporate executives or students) about the joys and benefits of urban gardening. I think the workshop is a way to “infect” more people with the passion I have for gardening, “said Suman, a high-end residential student who has a small but effective team of three full-time employees and five independent professionals. those who participate for projects and workshops. The products and workshops almost immediately receive positive comments.For years, I have decided how to expand, since I must find a way to balance my passions For my newly opened writing and adventure. Suman’s story begins his career in the press with The Indian Express after a good reason p Postgraduate in Communication of the Xavier Media Institute in Mumbai As a full-time radio writer and consultant, she continues her absolute love of writing after her NMIMS MBA, what she wants “expresses herself and also gives her children the time and at that they require until they attend full time. When it started, she had nurtured her hobby for seven years. With a touch of entrepreneurial spirit as author and founder, Suman feels that management education and our knowledge of business models are motivated to a large extent by theories. West, case studies and examples. India’s business practices and model are in many ways different from their Western counterparts. Therefore, the more we provide detailed stories (especially the proofs and failures) and celebrate the richness of Indian management and culture, the greater confidence of young people foot steps

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