Bengal Muslims Cancel Muharram Procession to Raise Money for Hindu Cancer Patient

As we wake up and sleep with stories of violence in the name of religion, there are frequent incidents that lead us to believe that community harmony is possible. After the celebration of Durga Puja, which coincides with Muharram, West Bengal witnesses something unusual. While political parties fight each other in the clash of two major festivals, Kharagpur Muslims has canceled the Muharram parade of them to save money and funding a Hindu neighbor are fighting with cancer. L) and (R) Club Samaj Sangha in Kharagpurare Puratan Bazar will increase to 50,000 rupees for Abir Bhunia (35), who suffers from Hodgkin’s lymphoma, to know The club who cash the local money, decided to divert money for his treatment. Abir is a mobile recharge shop owner and needs 12,000 rupees to process a bone marrow transplant. He is undergoing chemotherapy at the Saroj Gupta Cancer Center. I do not know if I’m finally getting treatment. But what my neighbor touched my heart, “Abir Amjad Khan, secretary of Samaj Sangha, said, procession Muharram can be organized every year, but we have to save there are lives, we started fundraising on Friday, after namaz we will ask Muslims at the church Islam announced a disc sponsored by Abir. Over the past few days, the state has had to deal with the political instability situation with Bengal CM informed that the Durga idols will not happen on Vijaya Dashami (Dussehra) in other countries), coincided with Muharram, because of religious conflict can create a law of problem and order, the High Court of Calcutta reminded the government’s order to limit s Are you interesting? Please email us at tci By Contact Us To stay up to date on more positive news, please contact us. . .

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