Bengaluru High Tech summit establishes Karnataka as the ideological leader of emerging technologies: Priyank Kharge

One month before the technology festival only shows why Bangalore is one of the world’s most important innovation destinations, Priyank Kharge invites the rest of the country to work with them to capture the opportunity and put India on the map of the world. Earlier this year, Bengaluru was ranked as the world’s most dynamic city, according to real estate consultant James Lang Laselle (JLL) at the World Economic Forum in Davos. This is based on 42 indicators including socio-economic factors, GDP, air quality, FDI, motivation, investment, technological progress, access to education, environmental policy, etc. . In this regard, will be held in the city next month is a two-day event expected to present the technological prowess of Bengaluruare, according to IT Minister and BT Karnatakaare, Priyank Kharge. a>. When we started the IT policy, Bengaluru was just the reference for the service. But now, we want to be thought leaders in emerging technologies. We realize that if we do not pull our socks and do not recreate, we will fail ,? Priyank said during the Mumbai tour before the event. Part of this recreation is recognizing the convergence of informatics and biotechnology, among others, as computer applications develop, combining the two main events of Bengaluruare. BengaluruITE Bengaluru India Bio 2017, in a big technology conference. Priyank says he’s not in Mumbai looking for investment, but to build relationships, an investment destination, we want to work on the ecosystem first “if we create an environment for ideas and innovation, inventions will happen and investments will follow. Here, to consider yourself potential partners, seek your help and advice, there is something we can learn from you and from something. I can teach you, he said. From our archives: Inauguration of Bengaluru ITE Biz 201 6 What can we expect from a summit? 1. The leaders of Conclave IT will be an energetic evening where IT industry leaders, as well as policy makers, will give attendees an insight into what’s new today and what awaits them in the near future. You can subscribe to this closed invitation only if you want to meet and interact with industry leaders, learn about business, technology, innovation and opportunities. in the future. We have some of the most progressive policy interventions in the country, allowing companies to harmonize, share, collaborate and network among stakeholders, I believe in doing so, by listening to them, we have become leaders? said Priyank. 2. The Bangalore Tech Exchange (BTE) is a platform for linking ideas and research ideas that can be marketed to the entrepreneurial community or investor. Yes, from agriculture to aerospace. The state of Karnataka, and Bengaluru in particular, have reinvented themselves perfectly in accordance with global standards, “and since Bengaluru has moved from a service sector to an R & D center” and expanded “The Innovation Center – technology has penetrated all spaces, from aerospace to healthcare, “said Priyank, referring to the decision to make Bangalore an innovation center for all technologies. < strong> 3. Start Karnataka YESSS Short for young entrepreneurs start in mind Sojourn, YESSS is the forum Karnataka is the second largest technological cluster in the world, with nearly 7,000 Once registered in Bengaluru More than 4,000 startups are registered with the Karnataka government, ninety-five percent fail. “So how do we ensure that the number drops to 90 or even 85? Do we provide mentors, networking opportunities, cross-border business, sponsorships, etc.? he added. Making Maker Make Maker, a global gala, is an introduction. For all those who embrace the DIY spirit or do it themselves (or doing it with!) And who want to rub shoulders with other manufacturers. It’s a place where technologists, hobbyists, do-it-yourselfers, craftspeople, artisans, entrepreneurs and the curious can come together to celebrate, inspire and inspire. ! If someone missed the bus, we are the next bus in which he can intervene: garage experts for entrepreneurs? Pavan Kumar of the Workbench project is expected to organize Make Maker with support from IT, BT Ministry, Karnataka.

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