Big Ton of ICICI Bankn – 100 Digital Village in 100 Days

Blitzkrieg is the first of its kind to be able to understand digital inland. ICICI Bank said on Monday it will help take 100 villages in 100 days on the digital highway, a move that has come with its success with the village. Digital first of the country? To Created by her in Akodara in the Gujarat district of Sabarkantha last year as part of her 60th anniversary celebration. In a statement, ICICI Bank said part of its effort to provide a digital ecosystem across the country is the result. Results of making money Currency of high value. | This will allow people to use digital channels for bank transactions and payments. To open a bank account using e-KYC based on Aadhar and make non-cash payments to retail stores through mobile solutions. ICICI Bank said. ICICI Foundation’s Affiliated Bank – ICICI Group’s Social Responsibility Branch – will provide vocational training for nearly 10,000 poor villagers, especially women, to help them. Make a living for sustainable livelihoods. Chanda Kochhar, Managing Director of ICICI Bank: ICICI Bank continues to be a catalyst for growth in our country. We strongly believe that technology can play an important role in establishing rapid development. By leveraging technology, we have transformed Akodara in Gujarat from an Indian village into the first digital village last year. She said her success spurred the bank to step up the initiative more importantly. We will now transform 100 villages into digital villages. We will create a non-cash ecosystem in these villages, provide vocational training to 10,000 villagers in the first 100 days and provide them with credit links so people can start. Their own business. I believe this wonderful project will contribute significantly to the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modiare on Digital India. ICICI Bank will use a tablet-based bank and Aadhar e-KYC to help people open accounts for hours without documents. All adults in the village will have a savings account at Aadhar to allow the direct transfer of government benefits to these accounts. There will be a branch office and ATM dedicated to ICICI Bank to serve these accounts. One relevant aspect is that the ICICI Foundation will provide training as part of the ICICI “ICICI Skills Academy” rural program. 100 villagers in each village, especially women, in Days. All disadvantaged people, in the age group of 18 to 40, will receive free training in a variety of disciplines appropriate to the local economy. . ..

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