Blue Terra Line in the E-Commerce Era of Neerja International

So she does not know what the full company experiences will be in one day the most perfect blue pottery during a subsequent visit to the cottage at night Jaipur, A social worker, along with his mother, helped disadvantaged people. On such a trip, he meets with five families living in a room and working. They were literally, accustomed to making beautiful blue pottery – they were at night fascinated by their own pretensions but were concerned about the circumstances of these talented people. Lily once again decided to work with them, and marketing helped make it a modern art to create a more sustainable and help them. So I was born. “In order to understand the cutter was to make a long and difficult struggle to object to the utility, not only large flowers and bowls.” I have Potter to make me some pottery jewelry convince when passing a foreign visitor and very few came to speak many lies about him The floor workshop was another enticing to the point that he bought everything, then Kutron HSAS was what their gold mine was their craft, “Liz recalls. Modern aesthetics in medieval art through the design of new products of personalized pottery and blue lilies by engaging crafts in contemporary. Kraft, born in China, moved to Turkey and the Netherlands and was brought to India during the Mongol period through Kashmir. The night travels the world in search of a craft similar to inspiration. Patrols help them understand the market better and they need the type of update to take them forward. The product range is brain dominance – pen holder, door handles, wall tiles, inlays, beads, oil lamps, set of drawers, shade lamp and even wash basin. People are willing to wait for a particular product for six months since fully and painful. Neerja International has not interfered with or tended to this process, and has kept this craft original and exclusive. On Going online early At night business long time processing, while their children study and work abroad. However, he was struggling to make an adequate profit to help the potters who run their homes. That was when his son, Aborfa, persuaded nightly to go online and try to do business at the next level. “We have recorded the road com domain in 1 99 7. I think it’s one of the best decisions you’ve made.” It was a big boost. Now, when Be, we participate in exhibitions abroad or when we tell us heard about us before “our presence in the market gladly proud. “Com was soon one of the oldest domains, the most popular, and works great for us, and we have launched the first e-commerce platform in 2008,” he says. Exports account for nearly 50% of the business, and their online presence increases rapidly after the foundation is established. Those who visited their website, contacted them for wholesale. Today, write approximately 25% of online sales sales. You think art pieces can not be purchased without seeing the real thing, but now that is not the case. “We are very far from that era when people need to touch the product and look and then buy our business to a dedicated e-commerce office part,” says Leila. Their online sales have also helped in the fact that airlines have limited baggage, so it’s hard to take big cuts. Also, when people ask online, you do not have to worry about moving sensitive products. “I have established an identity on the market and I know that my product is where I stand.I would recommend taking your time to make your brand on new companies and then stay with it, because” the place is your strength. And of course, make full use of the Internet and its opportunities, “she says.

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