Bollywood stars leave their jobs to pursue their passions

If you are not stuck and you have a passion locked in a box, locked in a bigger box, in the closet, we know you need all the inspiration you have. can get to escape. Why do not some Bollywood actors make this move? The acting has seen many artists who have worked odd jobs before entering the glamorous (or not so much) movie world. But how many people have worked with you on the same level of expertise? Here are four oddballs from the movie industry. Ranveer Singh Aware of his passion for performance while learning for a degree in commerce and economics. But he also knew that entering the movie industry was not easy and felt that this might be beyond his reach. So he decided to pursue the creative writing that he learned in the United States. When he returned, he got a job at an advertising agency, though he worked in the American theater. He spent a few years editing for agencies like OM and J Walter Thompson, until he realized that his passion for the game could no longer be accommodated. Soha Ali Khan With an impressive degree overall from the London School of Economics, Soha Ali Khan works like banks in organizations such as Citibank and the Ford Foundation. But at the start of her life, she left the industry and lived with her brother, actor Saif Ali Khan, for a few years before announcing that she wanted to be an actress. Nobody was happy with this decision because her mother always wanted her to pursue a career in law. But she can not help me, I love the theater, I love to play, ?? as she noted to the Hindus. It was the love of the theater that encouraged her to leave a comfortable job and continue the game. Ameesha Patel > With a degree in economics, Ameesha Patel returned to India from Massachusetts to pursue her career in same field. She worked as an economic analyst at Khandwala Securities Ltd. for a short time until her brilliant academic (gold medal at Tufts University) offered her a Morgan Stanley recruitment offer. a>, multinational financial services. She declined the offer, and decided to join the Satyadev Dubeyare theater group, where she began her acting career. Parineeti Chopra Parineeti Chopra is fortunate because her company’s work coincides with her acting career. she With a keen interest in investment banking, she earned a bachelor’s degree in business, finance and economics from Manchester Business School in the UK. When she returned to India, Priyanka Chopra introduced her to Yash Raj Films, where she applied for internships at the marketing department. Later, she worked as a public relations consultant for their public relations team. Only after being influenced by the cousin’s preparation for the movie Khoon Maaf, her care and respect for her career increased and she decided to change the movie industry. Inspired by so much? let’s know in the comments below!
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