Canada now has a third gender category for passports and official documents

As part of a historic initiative, the Government of Canada created a special category for the third world in the relevant official documents, calling it “X”. Starting today, all official government documents and passports, including those issued by immigrants, refugees and citizens of Canada (IRCC), will now be available. Unidentified as male or female. It’s a revolutionary decision to support and promote equality in Canada. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Secretary Ahmed Hussen said: “All Canadians should feel safe, according to their identity and gender expression. By introducing “X” in our government documents, we are taking an important step towards equitable progress for all. Canadians without regard to gender identity or expression. In India, to end discriminatory members of the LGBT community, the Transitional Rights Protection Act), 2016 was introduced in Lok Sabha during the monsoon season. last year. The bill provides for the prohibition of all forms of transgender discrimination. It aims to ensure that a transgender person does not face a denial of service or unfair treatment in education, employment, access to health care and the protection of rent or possession. its assets. Read more: India’s new bill aims to do justice to transgender people, but can only be counterproductive According to this report, eight countries outside Canada “Australia, Bangladesh, Germany, India, Malta, Nepal, New Zealand and Pakistan” have a third preference of sex on their passports and / or official documents. Do you have an interesting story to share? Please email us at tci Qua Contact Us . To stay up to date with more positive news, please connect with us and. . .

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