Chat with poet and business man in the field of genetics “Anu Acharya

During the conversation at videoix, Anu Acharya discussed with all her perspectives on genetics, life and entrepreneurship. In the last four months, we have started talking weekly with the best entrepreneurs, investors and technologists. Some key people are part of the initiative, including Girish Mathrubootham, Mukesh Bansal, Shashank ND and Ankur Singla. Conversations typically focus on investment, financing, growth, company size, and customer acquisition, and today’s conversation with Mapmygenome founder and CEO Anu Acharya is also very important. similar. However, in addition to discussing industry, genetic science and what Mapmygenome does, Anu also opens up to talk about poetry, books and IIT KGP. Anuare’s second company, Mapmygenome, was launched in 2013. Her career began 17 years ago in 2000 when she returned to Hyderabad from Chicago. She founded a company called Ocimum Bio Solutions to help scientists do their research. So, asked about what brought her into the business world, Anu said: My love for adventure sports. Can I explain my genetic relationship with a high-risk sport such as entrepreneurship? Although no one pushes me off the cliff, my conscience has probably pushed me. It’s been a while and I love it in the Valley of Business. With Mapmygenome, Anu aims to make sure people are aware of their genetic makeup. and work to prevent the disease. She has always considered heredity as an attractive subject. However, India does not have similar access to the West. Available data on the Indian genome are limited. When asked where she found Mapmygenome for 10 years, poetry Literature, photography, music and fitness enthusiasts say she treats it as a family name with over a billion dollars of income. Mapmygenome is essentially a genetics company that helps individuals and physicians understand how genetics affect health, characteristics, response to drugs and behaviors. Relying on what they do, Anu says there are two main types of analysis: Preventive measures like Genomepatri: It’s a healthy general and wants to know. Take better care of yourself and take precautions to change your life. The way a Genomepatri is made is a kit sent with instructions on how to send us your samples. Once we receive, we perform a number of steps in the lab and then analyze your data. This section is made without family history, etc. This report will provide you with information about your features such as caffeine intake, cholesterol and more. she said. The second section gives you information on the trend of the disease, the third on the genetic disease and finally the reaction of the drug. Once you have received the report, the team can immediately schedule a counseling session with their certified counselors to correlate with your family history and lifestyle. Anu says that this helps to better understand your family history and disease trends and provides you with specific measures that you can monitor including diet, lifestyle, and checkups. screening. The other person is when someone is diagnosed with an illness, say cancer. First of all, they will advise the doctor or the doctor and recommend appropriate tests according to the conditions, then on the basis of the doctor / doctor, the test is given. Mapmygenome, a B2C and B2B company, also has a molecular diagnostic kit specializing in tuberculosis and will also study fever. bleeding. Anu adds that there is a division within the organization that operates on infectious diseases. Due to the relatively new products in India, one aspect of the challenge is integrate sales team accordingly. From people who can not spell Genomepatri with people who do not understand what the product is doing, the team has a lot of work to do to find the right person. Today, however, the biggest challenge remains the perception of consumers and doctors. In the past four years, we have seen a big increase in awareness, so we need to continue to do what we are doing at a faster pace. The good thing is that although the genome is costly, the cost just drops very fast. So days not far when all Indians can afford to do a genome test, maybe even the entire genome sequence, which is today at Rs 1.2 lakh. Genomepatri is currently priced at Rs 9,999 versus Rs 25,000 four years ago. When we asked Anu how the genetics world in India had changed, she said, Oh! Where can I start? The biggest change is that technically, we can manage the whole genome for several hours over the years and the amount needed. It cost $ 200 million for the first human genome sequence in a very long time. Today we can do it for you. Analysis has also been greatly improved because the databases now have more annotations. More research and more articles. Thanks to artificial intelligence and computational power, we can analyze all this faster, better and cheaper. In recent years, Mapmygenome has been recognized by players such as WSJ, Red Herring Global and Fortune Healthcare. $ 1 million from a group of angel investors, including Aarti GroverĀ® “CMS Computer, Rajan Anandan MD” Google India; Arihant Patni, Chief Executive Officer of Hive Technologies and Satveer Singh Thakral, CEO of Singapore Angel Network. Avendus Wealth Management Pvt. Ltd., the asset management subsidiary of Avendus Capital Pvt. Ltd, is the advisor for this tour. A science fiction world? Genetic testing is growing rapidly, not just in global markets. Of these, the neonatal and prenatal genetic testing market is expected to have a CAGR of 31.91%. Genetic testing companies including American company 23andMe, Igenomix, also have a subsidiary in India, and Positive Bioscience, among others. Anu thinks that in the future you will not only need genomes but also other data points like microbiomes. So no, genetic diagnosis will not go away but will become the basis for bigger things. The good news is that bioinformatics has a lot of physicists because of the complex math and so fascinating. About 5 years ago, working in the field of genomics, I think the Indian population is not represented in genetic databases around the world and I want to change that equation. At this moment, the exciting challenge of the genome has become a part of my life and I’m obsessed with the difference in the field. Anu said. Elon Muskare has a dream? Elon Musk thinks humans will become multi-planets. “Does genetics help achieve that goal?” The science fiction story surrounding the theme, she thought at the time, is likely to CRISPR-CAS will be allowed. In this case, genetic data is very important to be able to adapt to these environmental conditions, she also believes that epigenetics is an area that will grow more, so that Synthesizing these data points will help create viable living forms, genetically altered to adapt to the environment and constructive. Extensive database of species and mutant studies due to the environment. For businesswomen, Anu has this to say: Remember, you are an entrepreneur, not a technology entrepreneur. You can have it twice as hard, be ready for it. Build a good team and a great product. Create a legacy ??

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