Citing technical issues, argues that Gojawa suspended

On Monday, reporting logistics company Gozawa, who was under the storm’s eye, citing temporarily suspended operations, technical issues. Confirming the news for the publication, the company said that it was changing its operating model while trying to be more flexible. Provide additional services and additional access. It says IT issues as the reason for the impact of deployment and claims that it is working to troubleshoot and restart the load post. However, the details of the change and the activities of the changes on time have not been explained by Gojwa. The company is working with more than 450 companies, and Mint has not served its customers in the last five to seven days. About one year, Snapdeal became the owner of more than one 42% stake in the logistics company in Delhi with an important stakeholder, at least $ 20 million investment in the company. Only last month, to search for rocket major investor fraud, Jabongere (now acquired by Myanata), the Internet has authorized forensic audit through PWC’s external auditors. The report suggests that Jabong’s logistics unit (then called Javas) that the Praveen control was transferred to a unit, “Quickdel Logistics, which is now a different, was accused of earning proficient profit”. Apart from this, the report claims that Praveen has become a 50 percent shareholder in Quickdale Logistics, while according to the source it is believed that investigations and charges fail directly affect the Snapdeal-Gojwa deal. < p> c On the condition of anonymity, on the basis of Source Internal Audit Report, videoix said, Quickdel is likely to take legal action of rocket internet from logistics. “Snapdeal disguised staying away from acquisition.” If individuals are convicted, business law The future will determine the action. In the interactive email with videoix, Praveen’s reaction to these allegations was aroused by investors in I Quote went any never told about the PwC report. While people / media is difficult to subject to such charges to prevent easy injury and insult, and he is equally impressed. While posting the report, I called many people for more information, and I came to understand that although there was actually a check, however, nothing has been shown to end any personal gain, etc. …, Reportedly in some zones With cash transactions, this interactive post was bought for $ 70 million by Mianta. As one of the first logistics services in the service homes, Goa was ideological and Flipkart had even made it before the start of Eckert. However, the logistics started as a hand Jebonger B2C Jerean Retail has been transferred to Quickdale in 2013. For the financial year (fiscal year 2015) of 2014-15, the company posted revenue of 200 crores and is ready to reach mark of Rs. 550 crores in the last financial year of FY16. .

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