Dark side of AM at launch “was Jugnoo stab SabKuchFresh?

Millions of dollars from Paytm and Snow Leopard Ventures. The company is a multi-service provider on demand, based on a fleet of automated trailers. That was not a normal meeting. Samar proposed a purchase of SabKuchFresh (SKF). This proposal seems lucrative as Samar explains that Jugnoo has a positive plan to develop hyper-local activities in the fields of fresh fruits, vegetables and groceries. Jugnoo mainly tries to create motivation for his Jugnoo Fatafat hyperlocal game by buying SabKuchFresh in three cities (Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali). The company restarted Fatafat in May this year after the end of last year. Jugnoo has been busy testing different models to open the monetization channels. We are very happy that Jugnoo has shown interest in SKF. After a series of internal discussions, are we ready to fly with them? Says SKF co-founder and SKU COO. Videosix news announcement: Jugnoo relaunched “fatafatn” delivery to consumers Get SubKuchFresh Fast forward to the first week of April, when Samar and his team discussed the pros and cons of the acquisition. SKF is a combination of two exclusive companies, “SabKuchFresh and Sai Traders”, first belongs to Sudarshan, second belongs to Narendra and, to create context, both brothers. Arun Kumar from SabKuchFresh 3. Invest in Jugnoo Exo Fresh against stock allocation. 4. Exo fresh buy Sai assets and SKF 5. Arun and Sudarshan will be on the roll. Exo fresh. Sudarshan and Arun have some concerns with the above structure. At the time, Narendra was not active because he had to join Government work. Narendraare Equity was transferred to brother Sudarshan. The first concern was that they (the founders of SKF) wanted to confirm from Jugnooare that Exo Fresh would not terminate the contract until all their options were acquired (the second phase of the decision-making power). They want that Jugnoo Fresh is also part of Exo Fresh because they want to take stock in the product they are going to work with. “Third, they wanted their share of Exo Fresh not to be brewed. In the end, they want to continue as director at Exo Fresh with director Jugnoo. From the first week of the month The Exo Fresh team moved to the Jugnooare office, as Samar requested. Related reading: Why businesses shake hands Unexpected, unexpected. April 28, Arun and Sudarshan were surprised by a surprise announcement from Samar. At the same day Samar mentioned that the purchase amount would not be worth it.

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