Denmark Based Startup Gametation Sets Up Operations in India

Gametation is a mobile marketing platform that enables one to provide incentives for clients and hence increasing loyalty. Gametation makes this possible by providing a highly engaging mobile app which has won many prizes. Founded by Anders Hauge, the Technology guy and Kristian Ridley who looks after the business development, Gametation is hardly 4 months old but has gained significant traction and mindshare.They attribute the following reason behind their move, “Through our frequent travels to India as tourists and later through business, we have always been fascinated by the curious Indian mentality to try out new stuff and fascination for games. And couple that with a rapid smart phone adaptation and I believe we have a good chance of success in this market.” Inspite of this, as a foreigner, understanding the Indian psyche is very difficult to which Anders agrees. “This makes it important for us to have a man on the ground who has that knowledge and understands how to help us adopt to this difference.” And to strengthen this support, Gametation has partnered with Lionpartner – a company in Mumbai that has roots in Denmark and India. Lionpartner will provide Gametation with key metrics on adaptation of smart phones, media agency density, potential customers etc. Jacob Risgaard Knudsen takes care of operation in India”We have been excited and engaged with mobile technologies for the past 10 years and I believe that we are now starting to see the first signs of the mobile revolution. Mobile is definitely the future of advertising. The combination of mobile technology and localization services can drive a lot of traffic to physical stores – and is a strong example of marketing potential for mobile technologies.” mentions Kristian about mobile and its future.The revenue model is a straightforward setup fee along with operating costs depending on number of users. Being relatively new in the market and making decision makers understand that it doesn’t require a lot of effort to be on the cutting-edge is probably their biggest challenge right now but with changing mentalities one can almost bet upon the situation improving really soon.Know more about gametation here.[For startups in the similar space, check out TagNPin, Capillary, Revu]

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