Drop your driver license for Digilocker, the Indian digital solution for paperless documents

For most Indians who own a car, especially those with two-wheelers, potholes and traffic police, is a daily prayer. First give their personal safety out of nowhere and report a perceived offense. And, forgetting to transport the original documents such as driver’s license or car title action, the offense may escalate to higher levels and often lead to stressful negotiations. Now, law-abiding citizens have licensed a certified digital locker or an application that can be downloaded to mobile phones to help with archiving of documents. there. When a copy of your license on DigiLocker is displayed to a traffic officer who wants to check your driver’s license, rest assured, it will be as good as checking the original without having to carry it. follow you. The application manager will also have a transparent application for the Ministry of Transport and Roads National Registration documents containing the license and document data due to all United. What is DigiLocker? DigiLocker service was released last year by the government to allow citizens to host a series of official cloud documents. Driving a driver’s license and property documents extends the scope of the service and makes it easier for the carrier to make these formal documents each time they leave the home. DigiLocker provides 1GB of storage in which users can store ID cards issued by many agencies, educational certificates, PAN cards, driver’s licenses and property release documents. car and is part of the NDA’s digital government Indi a push to reduce the use of physical materials, is considered. On September 7, Nitin Gadkari, the Transport Minister of the ‘Alliance, has launched the integration of DigiLocker in the Ministry of Road and Road Transport vehicle driver’s license and vehicle registration system. “This system will not only remove corruption, but will also be a step towards the implementation of the Prime Minister’s Digital India campaign,” said Gadkari. “It will be at the same level as the certificates and documents. Visitors can also use these documents at airports as a valid identifier. Integration DigiLocker will include a database of 19 crore digital car registration certificates and 10 available driver’s licenses from the Department. This computer data is extracted from the offices of the Mechanics. Early on, other materials of this type may be added to reduce the burden of carrying a wide range of original materials. These documents, when viewed through DigiLocker, will be considered valid by the Authority. Attorney IT Ravi Shankar Prasad, who was also present at the launch, said that 21 DigiLocker users had registered at this country. How to apply? Download the DigiLocker Android app from the Google Play Store to your mobile phone and link your phone number. with that. It’s currently only available on Google PlayStore. Once downloaded, go to the Docs section, then go to DL / RC. DigiLocker requires the Aadhaar card issued by the Indian Identity Authority to authenticate. With the addition of only two services, such as driver’s license and vehicle ownership documentation, the ministry expects the number of users, expected to be several million in the coming months.

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