Emerging technology trends in world tourism this year

As a consumer, travel is very similar to fashion “both are subject to the taste that continues to evolve, both are ambitious needs that define us and our personalities, and technology is slowly changing industries in fundamental ways that They have a huge impact on consumer behavior, just as fashion is seeing the arrival of portable sensors and intelligent use, the technology is being implemented to make the experience of traveling at sea enjoyable and stress-free. P> Take advantage of technology and innovation in this travel season Image credit: These are some trends that are generating a big stir in the travel network: Your television soon came to the next vacation: during one of its studios, Amadeus, a travel technology company based in Madrid, an interesting increase in the search activity of vacation in Jamaica when the protagonists of Sex and the City went to Jamaica during the weekend. With the collusion of smart devices around us, personalized technology is so sophisticated that even before we know what we want and when we want reservations it has been done. Imagine booking a trip to Corsica for the next time you see a Ranbir and Deepika dancing on the screen in Tamaasha! Change how travelers choose their next vacation destination: The travel industry is undergoing a fundamental change in the way it influences travelers to choose their next destination, and it is not the amount of opinions or results on a platform, but how the content is experiential and differentiated. More experience (using virtual reality) or more differentiated (perhaps a first-person recap using GoPro or non-linear VR) content, the deeper the commitment with the traveler and the more likely that traveler will choose this destination. Creative women come together in a unique offering, such as the Try-before-you-Fly service, which uses patented virtual reality content to help travelers choose a destination in more than 50 countries and 500 tourist sites around the world. world. Who does not want to know how a boat trip in the Grand Canyon really feels before booking the trip? Greater awareness about travel insurance: A perfect profile image for traveling can invoke envy, but a horrible experience or a frustrated diatribe ends spreading like wildfire (or viral); and hence the need for travel insurance is increasing. The cause can be a hurricane or a terrorist attack or a delayed flight or a lost baggage. There is an insurance policy that covers most of these instances and workers are willing to pay more to protect their vacation savings. Payments that jump from Cash to Digital: Around 4.6 million people fly around the world every day. Every two seconds, an airplane takes off or lands at an airport, and each passenger carries a coin that stays or charges completely for the expense at the destination. There is a large market, margins are low, the consumer is not happy and knows the technology. This industry is ready for interruption. Innovative travel companies that work in a digital currency that offer an uninterrupted and safe way to spend. , imagine your Paytm wallet with steroids, being able to use the wallet anywhere in the world in any currency, without the need to pay conversion fees. Chatbots: Google’s concept is now great, and consumers love when the information they need is within reach of the hand. But only information is not enough when it can be found in a foreign country and needs help in the real world “could be as simple as communicating with the directions to the taxi driver in Chinese or connect to the Internet in a foreign country or ask if a dish is vegetarian or not In all these scenarios, an assistant enabled to chat-bot who is an expert in all these cases of use and access to the reach of the hand is something that can not be imagined in your trip. Traveling will never be very fun if you do not have ideas with new ideas added to your travel itinerary, nor can you follow a review of a topic.technology and innovation in this travel season. (

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