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This dentist is currently a successful food blogger and consultant. His blog and the Whisk Affair YouTube channel generate six-digit revenue per month. Read your inspirational story below. There is no more sincere love than love of food. “George Bernard Shaw Food is an emotion that evokes the memories of a grandmother’s delicious homemade sweethearts love or share while trying to finish ice cream quickly merging with a group of school friends.” Neha Mathur , whose father hailed from the Rajasthanare Mathur community and whose mother is a Saxena mother of Uttar Pradesh, is an essential part of childhood. Mathur cooks vary from typical Rajasthani cuisine. strongly influenced by the style of cooking performed by the Muslims of Old Delhi with some unique non-vegetarian and spicy dishes, the food is completely different to the maternal food heritage of Nehaare, who is a vegetarian and a lighter flavor. Neha Mathur Contrasting styles serve the purpose of polishing and sharpening. Nehaare Palace Neha, 37, said, My dad was a gourmet and he cooked a lot when I was growing up. My Dadare in Rajasthan, where families reunite and even inadequate conversations without food. An interesting dish, for example, is kele machi, which is a cooked banana like a seafood dish I have never cooked in these days but the food is in my genes. Because Nehaare’s parents are doctors, they hope she will also attend a professional course. She laughed, I did what was expected of me and I continued my BDS then I married a very good Mathur boy! After practicing at Ramaiah College of Medicine, Bangalore, for one year, Neha went to many countries such as Malaysia, the Czech Republic and the United States. In addition to traveling to exciting places, gourmets were delighted to be experimenting with some new dishes. From amateur chef pro It was Nehaare’s husband’s suggestion to translate his love for cooking in a blog and help To create a Whisk Affair in 2012. Today, what started as a hobby has evolved into several YouTube channels and the blog itself is the foundation in which a number of major brands and loyal followers of more than 2 thousand visitors per month. In the early days, Whisk Affair presented recipes and photographed carefully by Neha. As she publishes daily and has a diverse array of traditional Indian and international dishes, beverages and desserts, her blog is rapidly gaining in popularity. Another important attraction of his blog is the beautifully shot photos. . As a self-taught photographer, Neha now has a team of four who support her with content and social media, but she still manages photography herself. She explained, My followers recognize my style from the picture and I get a lot of appreciation for the same thing. For me, presentations are counted as much as the taste and quality of food. As the saying goes, you first taste food with your eyes. Read more: The jewelery designer has left his career to create silver stone > To be noticed by the brand and Neha started making product reviews on his blog. Many brands are also featured on the Whisk Affair social media site. As the number of visitors increased steadily, it was called “Kuch Khatta Kuchta Meetha by Neha Mathur” and “Whisk Affair”. Shooting a video on YouTube poses another challenge when confronted by unnatural cameras coming to Neha. However, in the past two years, she has become a veteran. Recently, she has made some video boards (only with the cookare’s hand), which is faster to create and very popular. For this, she can shoot alone with the help of a tripod and no It depends on a cameraman. Neha has also been a food consultant and photographer for a number of brands and startups. From training kitchen staff to creating menus for EatFresh launching food to personalized recipes for Saffola Fit Foodie, Nestle and Golden Harvest, Neha has joined several brands. She also took pictures for the restaurant for a while, but cut the top to focus on Whisk Affair. To my question of what she does with all the food she cooks every day, says Neha, it is clear that the amount of food is too important for my family to consume. I guarantee that the food is not wasted. I packed it for my neighbor or husband colleague. Nehaare’s greatest satisfaction was the return she received from those who tried her recipes. After all, being responsible for good food on thousands of pounds is worth all the hard work. Read more inspirational stories from #PassionToPaycheck presented to you with Signature Startup here. .

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