Fortune 500 companies start with the most ambitious effort of Thomas Alva Edisonn

To become a formidable entrepreneur, one must be an inventor or have an eye for an invention that can transform the market. Put them together and you will create a Fortune 500 company. General Electric (GE) is currently ranked 11th out of the 500 Fortune 500 companies, a reputation that has left a great history. about the ambition, the greed, the impatience and the industrial starvation of two great men “Thomas Alva Edison, inventor and investor. Photo credit: Wikipedia The commercial capacities of Morganare have never been in the dark, his eagerness to make a name, separate from the empire that his father had built, had left traces of some of the most successful companies.Not actually a soul without knowing the name of this business magnate Edison, on the other hand, is an undisputed inventor, but this ingenuity is complemented by a less known but less terrifying commercial mind because it has the power to trample on anything, what is its path? Edison is a child prodigy who built his own laboratory at the age of 10. Even at that age, he knew how to use a situation to his advantage, a characteristic he would later use in his unpleasant battles with his opponents. to clean up the basement lab money to buy the book, Edison did, but also used the money to buy more chemicals to the notorious laboratory. This potential for an intelligent entrepreneur was made almost exactly when, at the age of 22, his telegraphic voting machine turned out to be a failure. The invention did not impress, as it was slow to record the votes that allowed legislators to forge them. It is considered to be an invention that will never be needed on Earth and, as such, will never be used. Edison learned his great lesson: an invention would only exist if there was a market for it. The patent he received for this invention was the first of many to come, but it set the tone for Edisonare’s invention style. The inventions he described for most of his patents were improvements and innovations subsequent to previous inventions. A demonstration of Edisonare’s industrial brain is Menlo Park Laboratories, a new endeavor in mass-produced inventions. Until then, the invention was solitary, but Edison, motivated by his ambition, completely changed that trend. It was here that the electric bulb, through the contributions of many notable scientists working for it, took the form of a rational alternative to gas. And that innovation attracted attention. The chaos that culminated in General Electric Morgan went against the ways and desires of his father when he invested a lot. In the Edisonare experiments with electricity. It is an unproven industry that transports it immensely. But with the satisfaction of Morganare and the joy of Edisonare, the investment has stimulated a great industrial dynamic. Casa Morganare became the first private residence to be electrically illuminated. The couple later, under the industrial name of Edison Electric Illuminating Company, converted a building in Lower Manhattan into the world’s first central station. Soon, his ambition translated into the power to illuminate Manhattan. This success was enjoyed for almost a decade until a modest Edison acquaintance proposed an alternative to Direct Current. When Nikola Tesla asked Edison to look at his CA design, Edison, in rejecting it, created an unfortunate opponent with his own hand. Tesla, who revered Edison, soon resigned and began looking for his own investor. Blinded by the pride of his own invention, Edison made the mistake of sealing the fate of the electric trio. “He did not recognize a possible adversary, he convinced Morgan that there was nothing, to worry because he really believes that AC currents are not safe and can never be accepted, only when Tesla starts doing everything in his power. Demonstrating his effectiveness, Edison, through the pressure that Morgan is impressing with him, has taken serious steps to stop this rival. It was a desperate moment that demanded desperation because Edison had gone so far as to use the current Teslaare AC in criminal executions with an electric chair to demonstrate its dangers. However, this has been counterproductive. The first performance was too terrible for the audience to say and all they could connect with this terrible issue was a name. “Edisonare moved desperately to death, his reputation with Morgan Morgan was obsessed by his father’s predictions of failure, but as a light in a dark tunnel, Morgan had the opportunity to seize the opportunity.” A company in Niagara Falls has built The largest power plant in the world, but still has to decide whether Edisonare DC or Teslaare AC will be the star The fierce auction took place at the end of that time, for Morganare to die, investor Teslaare won. the fight, suggesting that they switch to other inventions and products, he has a moving video camera, but Morgan has put his plans into action, he believes that there is tremendous potential in the electric business, but he realizes that his only possibility to exploit it is to cut the baggage like Edison, then bought a large stake in the company, fired Edison and created General Electric. Edison shows p ersistencia as a true inventor; He moved from power, without leaving even a trace of his association with him. Audacity and pride can mark a collapse that fosters perseverance. In his innovative career, he bought a thousand patents only in the United States. However doubtful the decision and its actions may have been, Edison is an opportunity to seek the mind, to do The diapers are ecological and pro-baby, so the mothers will opt for us. It’s about reaching them. ??

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