From in-house teaching to becoming the director of three schools: the story of Nisha Jaiswaln

Starting to teach her own children, she is currently director of three schools. Creativity is the key to future success and elementary education is where teachers can bring creativity to children at this level? For said APJ Abdul Kalam, former president of India. The value of this statement is not lost on Nisha Jaiswal, a 46-year-old woman in the small town of Hazaribagh, Jharkhand, who has worked in this direction for 20 years. After starting to teach her own children, she taught in a small garage school before becoming principal of three schools. All his efforts are aimed at improving the level of education in his small town. Born and raised in Girdhi, another small town in Jharkhand, Nisha is the eldest of the three sisters. Speaking of her family, she said, “My mother, a housewife, is a great source of inspiration. My father is a Hindi director. So when I was a kid, I went to the cinema several times and I also had the chance to meet some actors. get married at the age of 18 and complete her studies after marriage. She was fully supported by her husband. She talks about her days as a young mother, the first time I was born as a boy and teaching her what I love most. Every time I went to school, I stayed and talked to her principal, Mrs. Verma (the owner of Wonderland School), about my love for teaching. Then, my daughter was born in 1995 and when my two children were relatively grown-up, I was still very young and I had a lot of free time. In early 1998, I asked Ms. Verma for a teaching opportunity. She was ready to accept and it was the first time I was a teacher. Wonderland, a Vermaare Montessori primary school, was originally a small garage in its garden, and it was there that Nisha had her first formal teaching session, which lasted over a year. Her love of spending time with young children and hoping to make a difference in the way young children are taught makes her think about opening her own school. She said, I want a place where kids like to come every day and studies will be fun, with extracurricular activities. With this effort, she has received much support from her principal and her family, especially her husband Prashant and husband Manish. Build the little angels. Despite all this support, Nisha can not escape the initial rage. However, her passion pushed her to continue. About when she sold the forms, she said, I still remember that day. I sat alone and sold the forms, waiting for hours for people to come. On the first day, only two samples were sold, and I felt really disappointed. The next day was worse when no one appeared and I felt like giving up and could not sleep all night. It was on the third day that everything changed because there were five forms and then it came back. Finally, nearly 30 forms were sold and 25 children were enrolled. ?? With 25 students, Nisha has entered a new phase of life. She commented, This is just the beginning and more challenges. The next challenge is to find a different path from others and to produce better results, while keeping the best interests of the children. As a result, Nisha visited all good Montessori schools to observe and compare their teaching models. After only six months she was ready with the program, another teaching method, and her own books and copies. With 25 students, she entered a new phase of her life. She commented, This is just the beginning and many other challenges. ?? The classrooms seem straight out of a fairy tale, with murals depicting poems, colorful paintings on the walls, a large playground and young and dynamic teachers. One obstacle in her way is her parents, and she says, “Some parents are stuck with an old, obsolete method of traditional education with the idea of Interactive classroom, made me crazy. Initially, dealing with some parents is a real task; They had the idea that when a child was admitted to the school, his responsibilities were over. It is difficult to make them understand that without their cooperation, nothing can be done. However, what keeps her is young children with innocent smiles and their queries. And now I do not have one, but 25 of them. I want to fulfill my promise to my parents and return the trust they have shown me. Overall, she was pleased with her decision to make a difference. School dreams for each child From time to time, Little Angels Montessori has become a full-fledged, different other words from the city. In general, Montessori is a small building with seven “eight rooms, but Little Angels, a heritage building on three acres, seems straight out of a fairy tale, with frescoes depicting poetry, a colorful picture on the wall and a young and dynamic teacher .. Nisha has gone a long way over the past 19 years, and her Montessori school is now a school. It is now not just one that the two schools “Angel High School and Delhi Public School,” she directed. On all the facilities, Nisha said. , should never compromise with the facilities that a school should have, not with its maintenance nor with the attainment of an academic faculty and hard work and experience. For this purpose, the fee structure must be sufficient to care for. This does not mean that we are not flexible with the fee structure or we do not award scholarships to students. worthy We provide relief in the case of financial issues, distribution of free books and copies for poor students, and weaker economists receive free education under government guidance. The three schools employ about 200 people, including teaching staff and non-teaching staff. Teachers are recruited according to CBSE standards. Talking about education in small towns, she says, education contributes the largest to any profession and its fully developed debt-free nation. . But in small towns like ours, teachers do not get the respect and credit they deserve, which is very sad. Another major issue she emphasizes is that most students are first-generation learners. We get very little support from their parents. They are eager to teach but not ready to become learners, do not want to spend time and adhere to the rules. ” / p> Nishaare’s journey from teacher to director of three schools is filled with thousands of stories. As such, she is proud to say, I am the mother of my 5,000 children, who will be the future physician, engineer, scientist, actor and leader, and His dream to open his own school would not have been possible without his support. For a successful woman in a professional way, it is important to have a supportive family, my husband and my supporters, my supporters all the way and never. Making my bed while I was in school and taking care of my children and my home, It is not over, I will not stop learning, grow, explore, I want this family to grow from 5,000 to 50,000 and continue to contribute to our society modestly, and remember The famous Robert Frost: Beautiful, dark forest and deep / But I promised to keep / And miles to go before sleeping / And miles to go before sleeping.

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