From pawn to millionaire “Citrus Pay Award to Shyam Kumar for his loyalty

In today’s world, loyalty is not so common, making it not only special but also rewarding to show it. This rare story of a peon who started working in a startup in 2010 and is now a millionaire just to stay with the company is something we all need to read. Source: & # xA0; In 2010, Shyam Kumar asked his brother, who was driving a high-ranking banker, to help him find a job. The banker speaks to his good friend, the founder of Citrus Pay, Jitendra Gupta, about whether Shyam could get a job. That was the first day of the e-commerce boom in the country and the time when Jitendra was trying to establish his company. Shyam had a meeting with Jitendra and took the job of a pawn in Citrus Pay with a salary of Rs 8,000. Shyam had to leave school because of his father’s health and had trouble finding a job until he joined Citrus Pay. There are cases in which Jitendra explained the concept of ESOP and how they would help it, but Shyam never really understood the idea. An ESOP, or share ownership plan for employees, is basically a compensation plan based on equity. Shyam was in a small room 10-10 in the slums of Malad in Mumbai. This house had 10 people, with parents and brother of the family. They had to use a curtain to divide the room into two halves to sleep comfortably in the house of 100 square meters. Shyam spent a lot of time at his Santacruz office, where he often wondered what the company was doing and what the business was about. Over time, Citrus Pay has gone through a series of sponsorships with companies such as Sequoia Capital, Ascent Capital, eContext Asia and Beenos Asia, and has even continued to attract important clients. Indigo, GoAir and Amazon. But what turned out to be a turning point was the acquisition by PayU of Citrus Pay for $ 130 million in September 2016. This move gave way to Shyam’s stock for around Rs 50 per share for its affiliation. with the company Jitendra calls himself Shyam and tells him about it. Both he and his wife can not believe until the money is deposited in the bank account. Shyam is currently in a rented BHK apartment and plans to buy a new house in the suburbs of Mumbai. He uses a better cell phone, is planning a trip to Goa with his family and even has health insurance. Shyam’s story is one million and it only shows how the Indian ecosystem looks in the right direction. Do you have an interesting story to share? Write us to tci Qua Contact us . To keep up with more positive news, connect with us and. . boots, well, grow up.

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