Future scooter: The scooter riding the AI wave with two wheels

Scooters, based in California, produces the world’s first smart scooter, using a combination of cloud / smartphone technologies and large data analytics to understand and improve the driver experience. while ensuring energy efficiency and safety. The world is facing the Second World War. Weapons that can never be imagined are used to destroy cities, homes and infrastructure. In order to navigate these broken roads and cities, the scooter was invented. For decades, the body and structure of the scooter may have grown but, surprisingly, it has been done to change the way it works. With that in mind, Mihnea de Vries, a California entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in technology, marketing and film, Scooters, an intelligent electric car. Rolley Scooterson is a smart electric vehicle without gear and without the need for acceleration. The 20 kg scooter, made from aerospace materials, uses a unique combination of cloud and smartphone technology as well as comprehensive data analysis for a safe and efficient journey. . The first intelligent car in the world to understand the speed of rapid movement by analyzing the movements of the driver’s body. What else can he do? He can search for parking spaces and reach your destination from where you want to be picked. It can also be shared with your friends and family using the mobile app. In the long run, the Scooters group wants to focus on the three verticals of electric cars, driving cars and sharing cars, to create the best user experience. Mihnea started the company with his old friend and ex, Flavius ??Balaj. Rolley Project , as a side project. He accidentally met Deepansh Jain at a technology convention and made him a co-founder. Deepansh, who founded Shifu, an artificial intelligence (AI) app later acquired by Paytm, explores different paths. During their conversation, the duo began talking about the use of AI and how it could help change the way people drive. They talk about how AI can improve the fuel efficiency of electric vehicles. Rolley by Scooterson We want a very good electric car for ourselves. When the first prototype was ready and we started testing it in the street, we realized how many people wanted it. So many people approach us with questions and we know there is a need? Mihnea said. Later, the founders realized that this could be considered another electric car and that the company could not develop enough to make a difference in the way people move in the city. . Deepansh says a question: What happens to two-wheelers if they remain silent in the era of self-driving, mobile joint and AI ?? ? The founders understand that this task will change the way we move around cities. Markets in India and electronic scooters The trio realized that there are some problems. with the current system. Problems with electronic scooters are some of the skills required for two-wheeled driving and limited access to electronic scooters. However, India is gradually seeing a positive trend in the electric vehicle market. According to a report from the Association of Electric Vehicle Manufacturers, car sales in India grew by 37.5% to 22,000 units at the end of March 2016. With sales of more than 17, 6 million scooters from 2016 to 2017 in India, it is not surprising that there is a growing number of startups in India. Roly the Scooter Yo Byke from Gujarat based on the pioneering electric car in India. Ampere Electric, based in Coimbatore, has developed electric cycles, electric two-wheelers and electric scooters. The company also claims to be the first to manufacture its own charger (36V and 48V) for automotive electronics. Ather Energy claims that, unlike other players, the S340 offers an integrated experience with features like custom and personalized navigation. Profile, maximum speed 72 km / h and less than an hour load. Other players in the space include RNT Hero Hybrid diesel Scooter Hero Splendor Ismart, Hero Leap Genze Mahindra, TVS Qube and Hyosung ST-E3 EVA. Read more: How this Coimbatore businessman is the vanguard of the Indian electric car revolution How it works? With the need to focus on one type of rent model, Scooterson’s team decided to offer an additional property option based on the subscription. a two-wheel vehicle. The research team knows that electricity will be very economical because the cost of going 100 kilometers is only 19 cents worldwide or 5 rupees in India. With Scooterson a cyclist rolls like a regular cyclist. “But there is no accelerated lever or shift. Deepansh Jain Moves, Deepansh says. The App automatically starts Rolley’s Scooterson when you are in range activating. Using his knowledge of your daily routine, it can Predict and suggest your most likely location. The routing prediction becomes more accurate and is used by other smart features to increase energy efficiency and security, based on the driving habits of the lake. The driver adaptation is also the power and torque remaining battery level parameter. So you can run at optimal performance without Drain the battery before e Flipside is when the battery is low, application Does the uninstalled setting go to energy saving mode that allows you to reach the destination before the battery dies? car adheres to a real prediction model; The higher you get, the more applications you collect and store in the cloud. After a while, leveraging this data, it will create a new powertrain profile optimized based on driving habits, weight and characteristics of the terrain around you. You can have multiple drive system configurations, optimized for better performance or greater visibility. Connect with friends and family Scooterson connects to smartphones and smartwatches to display speed. , battery status, driving statistics, and other traffic-related data from the cloud. Application constantly monitors the status of your scooter and connects to the cloud to receive torque settings and optimized power and individual, as well as software updates. With the app, your friends and colleagues can request access by scooter. Cloud-based sharing management systems will send you notifications to grant them access. This application will unlock your scooter, pair it with your smartphone to friends and allow the use of all predefined features accessible to a guest user. This system will also tell your friends when he can use the car and remind him when time is near. You do not have to worry about the safety of your scooter. Your smartphone or watch works as a key when the device is within the pre-set lock / unlock range. Security mode will automatically be activated when you move a short distance from the scooter? Said Deepansh. Owners are also advised if the scooter is forged or moved from the last stop position. Integrated GPS signals can be tracked directly on a proprietary mobile device if the vehicle is stolen. Because Scooterson has no gas, the driver must push with their feet to 3.5 mph (5 km / h) speed limit. Motor support is only enabled on this speed. There is also a weak power support ?? The diet and runners sometimes have to push their legs, even beyond the speed threshold. The initiator is the first company to offer ownership options based on two-wheel registrations, after a few big cars started to develop in 2017. 99 per month comes with flight insurance and unlimited maintenance included. For sales, the promotional price is $ 1,990 for the first 1,000 units, then the price of the product is $ 2,490. Deepansh said. The group claims to have had sales of more than $ 2 million in May of this year. In the near future, the team aims to lead the intelligent two-wheel drive market. A smart scooter and an “itare” connection will certainly connect you with a great trip in urban societies as well as in small towns.

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