Gk Current affairs quiz 9

Which country has been selected as Chair for the Ad Hoc Committee on Review & Reforms (AHCRR) to reform the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS)?

Who was appointed the new Executive Director of United Nations Childrens' Fund (UNICEF)?

Who is the first person to fly in space without tethers?


Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat’s biography 'Trivendra Ek Zindaginama - Khairasain ka Sooraj' was written by whom?

Which State hosted the Two-day Regional Conference on 'Good Governance and Replication of Best Practices'?

In which Indian Airport, the first aircraft runway on a ‘sea bridge’ will be constructed?


Who was appointed the new Chief Minister (CM) of Himachal Pradesh?

Which country has successfully conducted the first flight of its first indigenous amphibious aircraft ‘AG600’?

Which game has been excluded from the 2022 edition of Commonwealth Games?


Whose writings are gathered in a book called ‘The Way I See It’?

‘Mission Antyodaya’ aims to create how many poverty-free gram panchayats?

Which Indian city became the first city to get its own logo?


Which country will host the annual meeting of World Economic Forum (WEF)?

When is Good Governance Day observed all over India?

In order to provide relief for disqualified directors of companies, Union Ministry of Corporate Affairs will roll out ‘Condonation of Delay Scheme’, which will be operational from _________ to __________?