Global Cancer Fight: Educate Women to #PayAttention

In a study conducted by Avon, fewer than half of the women surveyed were confident to know what type of changes in their breasts was a sign of disease. Cancer, but a quarter (25%) still think a mass is the only sign of breast cancer that can be identified without a medical device. We are approaching the end of the 33rd annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but in India the level of awareness is still alarming. According to a study conducted by Avon Products Inc., only two out of five “or 42% – are confident about what kind of change is a sign of cancer” and a quarter (25% Still think the size is a sign. The study, which included 19,000 respondents, fits into their #PayAttention pan-Indian initiative, targeting both men and women. female. Simple breast self-examination to detect the first symptoms. The World Health Organization estimates that breast cancer kills more than 500,000 women worldwide each year, a number that can be significantly reduced if cancer is detected earlier. According to Avon, this figure can reach 70%. Meena Sakhpara, a housewife from Mumbai who is survived “instead, conquered – breast cancer, said that time is necessary when it comes to not only detect, but Diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 56, she said she could catch her in the second stage not only because she practiced self-examination for her breasts, but also because she I had a regular mammogram from 1993. There was a benign tumor in her abducted body, and since then I began to monitor my health regularly, and while I was taking Breast tenderness is quite common every two years in the last ten years because of the increased risk of women over the age of 40. Remember, mammograms are often not good for the body. You because the rays are bad, “she said. The results also show that there is a lack of knowledge in women around the world about breast cancer symptoms and how. To reduce the risk of developing this disease.When asked to identify ten common symptoms of breast cancer, only 2% were able to correctly select them – breast changes, abnormal bleeding, bleeding, rectal bleeding, flatulence, unexplained weight loss or use, persistent cough, lymph nodes, fatigue, and finally, changes in your skin, as listed by WebMD. Although 73% of respondents said they were looking for changes to the appearance of their breasts, many admitted they were not confident about the realization of these changes. Research shows that more than half of people surveyed (60%) are reluctant to see a doctor for a variety of reasons, including confusion, fear and lack of access to a regular doctor. When Meena noticed that her right chest was growing in volume for four or five months, she assumed it was getting old, but decided to see a doctor about it, to be sure. The skin of my breasts also begins to look like an orange. I saw a doctor right and she told me, “You do not go home, but go directly to a radiologist.” My x-ray is anyway for 4-5 months from there, she said. p> During the next events, readiness and resilience are all about. Meena says she went to a mammography and ultrasound scan, which resulted in the next day and took them directly from a cancer survivor who was able to confirm immediately that his tumor was Carcinogenic. We set the sampling process of the tumor immediately. I was caught in the second stage “The first step is obviously better because you do not even need to remove their breasts. Start chemotherapy in the same week It’s a time bomb, and there’s no point in sitting there, moping. Decision making is key because you can not predict the rate of cancer that will progress in your body. She said. The survey also found that the lack of knowledge about identifying signs and the risk of breast cancer may be due to lack of information. “30% said they never gave information about changes to their breasts can be a concern.In fact, the taboo of the subject still plays a major role in the dispersion of information. community have breast cancer – but they do not share any information with anyone, one of them does not even inform their immediate family – there is still a lot of stigma, which is a major hurdle to those who have experienced this and who have overcome it in particular need to spread the word and share their experiences.This can save lives.Are the survivors, you should be proud, ?? says Meena. p> There is also limited awareness of some important lifestyle changes that can prevent breast cancer, with almost two-thirds (64%) unaware that exercise can help reduce the risk of breast cancer. develop cancer of the s Similarly, 63% of those surveyed did not know that drinking was associated with a higher risk of breast cancer. Let me tell you, even if I read a fair bit, I’m still not prepared for what comes next, ?? Meena joked. Avon, an important partner of the society in the fight against breast cancer around the world, wants to educate women who take less than five minutes a month to self-breast exam. And according to Meena, in addition to the monthly self-exam, and visiting gynaec at least once should be included in your schedule. Everyone has lumps in their body, so it’s important to confirm that they are benign. After the age of 40, every woman should have a mammogram every two years. Time is an important factor in my treatment. The sooner you take the call and start, the better chance you get. One in two Indian women is diagnosed with the disease, but doubling the duration of hormone therapy for women with five to ten year old breast cancer reduces the risk of relapse and tumor development. on the left chest. “Your reports support the most likely cause behind your cancer, and the course of treatment is determined accordingly.” In either case, once you notice that something is wrong, please waste time to start treatment, “said Meena. A delay in the early diagnosis of breast cancer could kill 76,000 Indian women in one year by 2020, so it is important that the necessary steps be taken to determine the disease in the early stages. .

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