Google Internet Saathi is now in an Indian lakh village

‘Saathi Internet’ – A Digital Literacy Initiative to Empower Women in Rural India – Google India today announced that it has reached 1, 0000,000 village in the country. Launched as a pilot in Rajasthan in July 2015 with Tata Trusts, Google has announced plans to expand the program. He covered more than 300,000 villages across India in December of the same year. “For fear of touching a smartphone, fearing that they will ruin it, the demanding services to date can help them get the most out of the Internet.” India’s rural regions have come a long way, “said Sapna Chadha, director of marketing, Southeast Asia and India at Google.” We are delighted with the progress we have made. Realized with the ‘Internet Saathi’ model and it is remarkable to see the passion of these women who learn on the Internet. The SaaSis are increasingly seen as agents of change in their villages and continue to search. We have added the support of the community and the village chief for their work. “During this two-year trip, the initiative continues to be motivated and currently lives in 10 states in India. Almost 25,000 fully-trained “Saathis Internet” work daily in these villages to help women and children get to know the Internet, and more than 10 million women have completed the program so far and become accustomed to it. to the benefits of using the Internet in their daily lives.In addition, on the second anniversary of the program, Google also announced the expansion of the program in two new states – Haryana and Bihar.In Haryana, the initiative began and will cover nearly 1,000 villages, and in Bihar the program has been launched by the villages of Ramnagar, Bagaha, Lauria, Manjha and Chakai, and I will cover about 7,000 larger villages later this year, “said the comp Agnie. . .

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