He left the British government service to launch India’s first computer business led by the tribe

Amitabh Soniare Abhedya NGOs have started a computer initiative for the tribe – Willage Quest – to prevent migration to cities and empower women by giving them job opportunities. Life devoted to helping others is not exploit, but it comes naturally with Amitabh Soni. For more than a decade in London, working for the Department of Social Welfare, Amitabh returned to India in July 2014 and started Abhedya. The idea (which works in the UK) is to get to know democracy – how the system works, how ministries work and how governments and people synchronize their efforts. I always want to go back and do something for our country, but because I have a lot to learn, I have to take the time to come back, ?? Amitabh holds a Master’s degree in International Business. Returning from friends, Amitabh began work in Kekadiya, a village 25 km from Bhopal tribe, Madhya Pradesh, in February 2015. He began organizing his same non-governmental month under Abhedya Kekadiya Wing and three other neighboring villages. The organization has partnered with teachers and tribal youth and focuses on four areas – education, employment and livelihoods, water management and governance. A fundamental mistake organizations like us make is that they see things from a very urban point of view. A lot of the knowledge lies in these people – the crime rate is almost zero, no competition, no greed – something we can learn from them. We approached them to learn from each other nhau.??Willage together Quest “IT initiated a tribe e migration from rural areas to urban areas to look for a better employment trend is increasing, and inspiration to create job opportunities in the villages. More than a year ago, the research team started Willage Abhedya Quest, an informatics initiative that village youths, with a team of five administrators overseeing its activities. The group bought old computers and invested in furniture, and the office is today like a professional computer desk. These young people come from an agricultural community and are used to working upstream. Sitting in front of the computer screen is a walking cake. Once you have given them a goal and explained the ultimate goal, they become very focused and start working towards the goal. Young graduates are mostly graduates and computer skills extend to MS Office. Most use only computers at the university. These young people are trained in data entry by technical volunteer students or graduates of Bhopal. Three people were trained in Delhi on technology and web coding. Without an adequate marketing team, Abhedya approached computer companies owned by friends and members’ knowledge. Willage Quest is in the village allowing 16 people to work and when the project arrives. The office is also open to non-tribal people who use the facilities. Data entry is a small step in the IT field. The big challenge now is to provide energy when regular and irregular power outages occur. To overcome this, Abhedya started one. This money will be used to install solar panels so that villagers can achieve their goals. Abhedya also works with the local school in the village to provide facilities such as desks and benches. , toilets, lunch and electrical connections. They also train the youngsters to sail through the panchayat to better enjoy the village. Since the intervention of the organization, young literates have participated in the Education and Health section of the panchayat. Eighteen children (17 girls and one boy) were sponsored by eighteen families to go to a private school. One of the students went to the Bhopal National Law Institute, while another student was practicing in a computer company called Srijan in Delhi. Two others are trained in Delhi software at a facility called Gurukul. These are great victories that support our efforts and motivate us to do more? Amitabh. The village IT lab also serves the education of children on the basics of informatics. typing, MS software and MS paint, and there are about 200 people attending the classes. With the village facing water shortage, Abhedya is planning to build a series of dams, dams and lakes. We want to give them the resources to help them grow while keeping the heart of the village. .

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