Heren is an app for every concerned parent, to find out what their child is doing all day at school

As your child drops his little finger for the first time and crosses the threshold of the classroom to begin the first phase of his life in which he will not play an important role, no one notices that you are perhaps being exponentially More nervous than your little one. But this strangely curious father, who needed to know what was happening at school, and his son had a fruitful and satisfying experience and did his homework, created an application to allow every concerned parent to breathe easily. The result of their efforts, School Diary, now used by more than 430 schools and 48,000 users to connect, communicate and together raise a bright child. The bell rings A product HBTI Kanpur and IIM Calcutta, Ashish Chaturvedi worked on Infosys for 10 years in technical, commercial and planning functions, with short periods in ATT, PG and Verizon USA. He went through all this with a common goal: start a business and one day create 10,000 jobs. ? The phrase, initially, should only sound great among the engineers of their classmates, who argued for stable jobs with multinationals. However, I kept repeating my ambition over the years, and it soon became part of my life. I was not clear about the idea of ​​continuing or if I pursued it, but I kept telling myself, my friends and colleagues, right? Ashish said. The door of opportunity finally opened in his own house. He was an anxious father of a first-year son, one who was never particularly eloquent about what happened at his school; and a worried husband with a teacher who had trouble keeping up with the thirty parents in his class. As parents for the first time, we were always curious to know more, but we did not have information about the school or the teachers, and we always ended up discovering things at the bus stop. . Meanwhile, my wife was writing diaries, pasting printed notes, calling and not what, but still felt like a punch bag for the parents of her students, ?? He remember. He offered his smartphone as a simple solution, to transmit information quickly and in real time, and his wife seemed instantly optimistic. A quick meeting with the director of the school, and they had their first pilot underway. A new school of thought Did you create the parent company of uFony, designed to rhyme with euphony? – what a good sound means, at the end of 2012 in Pune. Nothing is more pleasant for a father than listening to the sound of his son. And then, uFony was baptized, ?? Ashish explains. School Diary was their first product, to make communication between parents and teachers easy, attractive, effective and respectful with the environment, covering all the needs of a school to communicate, such as messages, events, social events reminders, reviews, tasks, bus tracking and rate payments: all in one application that works on all smartphone platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 10 tabs, Windows desktop and browsers. The system allows both parents to follow a child’s progress simultaneously, using the same login. Therefore, a teacher can, in real time, send notifications to any parent or transmit at once. Parents can touch the base in return and raise their questions or concerns without the need to visit or call the school. The application offers several other parameters, such as automatic reminders of key events a day in advance, real-time monitoring of the school bus on a map with five minute reminders, details of fees and facilities to make payments online or mobile. the child is marked absent or present. School Diary runs on a SaaS model and offers free and paid premium features. The school is in session! In January 2013, The Chennai Angels (TCA) invested an undisclosed amount in uFony. We realized from the beginning that most schools are not very knowledgeable about technology and have had bitter experiences with enterprise resource solutions (ERP). Then, to earn your trust, we have designed a free basic plan that covers your basic needs. In addition, for some key schools, we decided to offer our high-end features as a test. This helped us send a lot ofthe way. And we touch the base with each client every 15 days. This helped the goodwill, and people began to refer to us broadly, ?? Ashish said. The strategies were right with regard to money “in just two quarters, in December 2014, they raised their first bill, had about 947 users and generated enough rumors to implement their iOS application with confidence. In exactly One year, this helped them expand into two cities and brought their first K-12 school on board, which also led TCA to complete its investment. p> A brief pause and a return During this process, we ran out of money twice, but I have insisted: it is well studied and documented in studies Western that the close involvement of parents in the upbringing of children has a positive impact on children’s learning, social and behavioral growth, “he says. He They stayed afloat, and in November 2015, they embarked on new investors. Come in December 2016, and your dogmatic efforts took the results to 12 cities, 430 schools, more than 48,000 users and five distribution partners. There are some other players in this space “who are still too young to be called a market” like Applane Solutions, Educhat The .in application and SpaceO Technologiesn ‘Your School, each offering a range slightly different from services, but with a fixed common minimum, such as messages, updates and online payment mechanisms. Today, the school’s Daily application delivers 8,200,000 notifications and records 50,000 daily interactions. Then they move to Level 2 and Level 3 cities, and seek to have more land in the field, including partners and distribution agents. Digital marketing activities are also at stake.

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