Hitchhiker Bengaluru Bengaluru, the duo found surprising facts

Aniket and Himanshu had a social experiment to prove that Indians were not as hostile as they were created. Aniket (L) and Himanshu (R) Not so long ago, which seemed to me the hottest of all summer nights, I Found Lost in a residential labyrinth. I spent 20 minutes taking up the challenge of finding a friend’s house before a man on his motorcycle took me to a place, apparently a detour from the road. Needless to say, I am with a great sense of relief and a new faith in the goodness of man. This man stopped, called his friend to confirm the place, and gave me a trip when he had absolutely nothing to get it. At least it shows me that everyone in this district does not deserve to be interviewed. When two young men, Aniket and Himanshu, decided to hike from Bengaluru to Bengal, they did so to prove this very important. Hitchhiking is mainly in the West but in India there is an undeniable security problem? Said Aniket. But when the duo has no money in their pocket, what happens next is a series of lucky and surprising events. An idea is considered crazy. Aniket worked at American Express until, overwhelmed by the desire to travel, he quit his job for good. It was not until he began planning his trip that he planned to walk around. When he and Himanshu, a software engineer in Bengaluru, responded to the idea of ??their friends and family, their response was mostly preoccupied and ridiculed. Of the 100 people we talked to, about 97 people said it was a very dangerous thing. Did they tell us that we could be stolen, kidnapped, or worse, murdered? Aniket recalled. Both are clearly aware of the risks involved, and considering that they have not used cash, knowing that a roof over their head and food in their stomachs can be a luxury. But they have an opinion that the fear of the people is almost without foundation. We are a group of people who have never swam in the lake is very dangerous, ?? Aniket commented with a similar apt. And so, when they started on March 8, Aniket and Himanshu intended to prove they were wrong. A series of lucky events The path they chose goes through Andhra Pradesh and Odisha before reaching its climax in Bengal The duo made a trip with motorcyclists, then a truck driver en route to Vellore, the first of many to come, was embarrassed by their story like he had never heard of. talk about such an effort. Once in Vellore, this duo was not prepared for the generosity that was their way. It was eight nights and We were sitting in an automatic seat when one of the drivers approached us and when we told him our story, he took us to the nearest hotel to buy food for us. gathered around us, listening to our story when our host, a man named Gopi, came to see us and gave us 200 Rs. Aniket and Himanshu with the Gopi. As soon as they found out, Gopi borrowed money from the restaurant owner and took his phone for that. Aniket remembered being upset by this gesture, his voice always an unexpected color. For the Gopi, an alcoholic, giving the money that could have fueled the addiction is an altruistic act. Enjoy their efforts, they only accept 100 Rs. Among the same crowd is another gentleman, Mr. Thangarajan, who has a dormitory nearby and offers to stay a free night. Nurtured and well rested by generosity, the duo headed for Vijayawada the next day. Many truckers give them elevators, some for five kilometers and others for ten; While one person gives them a bowl of fruit, the other cooks them and insists that they eat and drink, worrying that they can not do it for long. They offered children’s bikes, now turntables, hitched to them for a distance. Friendly drivers who are ready to cook for the duo. Some turbulence is expected e When they finally arrive in Vijayawada, was dead in the night, and the duo found themselves at an isolated junction. Soon, a shadow ?? The truck approached them and they continued for lack of alternatives. That’s right, they started telling their story to the driver, but found him almost uninterested. After 20 km, as promised, the driver dropped them and drove them. Yes, what is the change in the plot? After half an hour, he turned around and started to apologize sincerely, ?? Recalled Aniket. The driver admitted that he felt guilty for leaving the two men hungry to protect themselves when he could help horribly. And so, he took care of a succulent meal in a nearby church. Is it an unbelievable feeling when a person does not even know that you can be very sympathetic? Said Aniket. Curious outsiders, treat duo with bottles. About 2am when they board another truck to Kaza. Aniket remembers the hostility from the driver this time. He agreed to drive us after we told him that we had no money to pay but about a mile away. We were ready to go down but he calmed down and we continued. But when the driver saw two policemen approaching the car, he panicked and pushed them down in the middle of nowhere. This, as they will remember, is the only ripple in the whole journey. There are times when they sleep in abandoned houses and spend the morning without food. But what they see is that people in general are ready to help as soon as they hear their story. Communication is the key. Bringing this truth to stone is the last trick they are provided. They spent 40 hours on the road with this driver and other truck drivers. Between Altaf Rajaare’s endless recordings of tum-the parrei, bank robbery stories, and the steady love of the driver for their wives, the duo realized that these people were very lonely, but People are happier to have someone talk. > Hitchhike by any means possible. India is our country, our hometown. It does not feel right to feel insecure in our home. I want to make it more accessible and accessible? Said Aniket. In addition, Himanshu said, “Whether people help us or not depends entirely on how we approach them, we become so accustomed to discriminating against everyone, and Both agree that travel is not. When you pass the risk line, there is something beautiful and unknown waiting for you, but you have to cross this line. After five days on the road, and in compassion Of the circumstances, Aniket and Himanshu are very modest and inclusive, the journey certainly transforms people in the same way, but the duo learned something else. “We realized that India was a good place. than the West to do hitchhike because everyone is ready to help you. Follow their trips and projects. .

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