How are Ameena and Arif fighting with the height of the angel to find love

Ameena Ahmed Shaikh finds love at the age of 20 in a mobile repair shop, from everywhere. It was love at first sight for her with Arif Ibrahim Tambe, then 32 years old. However, that is not the difference in age or even their level or religion but an obstacle to their union. That’s her size. “Ameena is five feet tall, the average size of an Indian woman. Arif, three feet tall, two feet shorter than her. In a society expecting a man taller than the woman he marries, Arif, with a special kind of dwarf, has no chance, and marrying her means that Ameena will. Help her in her daily work, except her parents and her sister, everyone objected accordingly, and at their wedding in 2012, none of her loved ones had face. She took her hand, she said: “I’m confident he’ll take good care of me, he’s independent and make money for himself and his family, which makes He’s very special. Talk about your family’s reaction, she added. “At first they were shocked, but I assured them that when my brother-in-law knew the Tambe family, he had started the negotiations. Five years later, the couple happily married another family, “a son they called Aseem Arif Tambe. However, even after all this time, couples do not surprise the audience. In an interview with Arif, “Their reactions are the same as before, but now they look at us with a shock and say ‘look at your wife.’ ” But with Ameena happy with the family they built and Arif was happy to find the acceptance that he was always looking for, They do not care what people think. Do you have an interesting story to share? Feel free to email us at tci Qua Contact Us . To stay up to date with more positive news, please connect with us and. . .

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