Infy journal rare: Seshasayee admitted that he would do a series of different things

‘This is not a battle,’ Infosys president R Seshasayee said at a rare press conference convened by the IT services giant. with means means, but ends itself. And it’s so easy to understand, since Infosys non-executive broadcasters, dissatisfied with a series of board decisions, used different speakers, including the media, to talk. your worries This is probably what motivated Seshasayee to say: you have many questions and we will answer each question. You (the media) have described it as a battle but have no conflicting sides; What we have here are various stakeholders and founders and nothing but the best interests of the company at heart. ?? We have done well in terms of revenue performance, customer satisfaction or opening new frontiers. We have maintained the values. But this is not an easy time, ?? Vishal Sikka, the first CEO of Infosys without transmission. For those who have not been initiated, the board of Infosys has suffered a series of calls “made in about two years” that have become the point of dispute for those who Founder of the company. Among them is the company that spends in Sikka on their salary, as well as the expenses incurred in travel and their lifestyle while working. The founders and former members cited deviations from ideal corporate governance as a cause for concern. Packages for senior executives such as former financial director Rajiv Bansal have also been questioned, and some conspiracy theories appear when Narayan Murthy openly seeks justification. The founders of Infy did not agree with the appointment of Punita Sinha, wife of the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finance (now at, Minister of Civil Aviation) Jayant Sinha is an independent director. Sikka, who is in and out of all-day events, “including a closed-door meeting with his individual investors, must have tried to appease them after the confusion threatened to do so.” Patrimonial trauma of the company. the press conference is to give the shareholders more and more anxiety some security in all matters at hand, systematically solved In the Punita Sinha Read what seems to be a list of points of conversation, Seshasayee chose to open by clearing the air.As Sinha’s appointment, the welcome was a nepotic movement.Punita Sinha is a very successful person with high academic performance and professional experience in sound.He added, “A woman should not be judged by the occupation of your spouse. In fact, we are proud of our rich diversity; We have three female directors. Appointment of DN Prahlad The founders proposed us when we were looking for someone with a thorough knowledge of the work of the company, but we applied the process ahead of time . With the revision of your last salary, your compensation was raised to $ 11 million, of which the fixed component was reduced from 5, $ 8 to 4 million and the variable components are raised to consider their role in the stability of the company, according to Se Shasayee. The latter is related to its performance, “linked to a high degree of objective Adjust the compensation of the CEO for the creation of value for shareholders is a very modern practice.The process we have experienced is to have a professional consultant for the benchmark world, which compares it to of the peer companies. It is designed to ensure that we have motivated Vishal to run this company. He explained. Infy ??stated that more than 98% of the council voted in favor. However, there are some shareholders who believe that this level is excessive. We recognize that there may be other valid points of view than our views, but we have applied our advice and do what we have to provide the best interests of the company and the majority. Normally, the package is approved by the board and then taken to the shareholders, but we believe it is important to obtain the approval of the shareholders before starting the new package. It’s a good government, “said Seshasayee. Rajiv Bansal retires Sikka revealed that Bansal is a great financial director, but < When Bansal broke with Infosys, severance pay was agreed at Rs. 17.38, in which the company said it had received only Rs.5 crore. The remaining money is held until there are necessary explanations, and I do not hesitate to admit that the The judgment will be different if the circumstances are different or if the processes have been established.In determining this amount, it will better serve the interests of the people if this subjectivity is eliminated and Sikka is declared. " He stressed that it was a process and determined level t The work will be paid in a series of geographical areas, for different levels, evaluating and signing new employee agreements. A commercial judgment resulting from the application of the indexes by the board. , and this amount was agreed, and therefore, speculation that may have been the money of silence? It was very worrying? for him. An anonymous complainant raised this question, which Infy decided to follow, even if the complainant chose not to participate in the process. When the first anonymous complaint was filed, we reviewed it regardless of whether it was anonymous or not. We have responded that if you can file this complaint with a law firm, we will pay it. We asked twice but we did not receive an answer. Then we gave it to an independent law firm, obscured by the legal auditors. Discovering that there is no intention to remain silent, "he said. David Kennedy's retirement payment Kennedy is provided specifically, in the unlikely event of a twelve-month salary exemption, the mission of the organization is to respect the agreement. Flexibility of the CEO With the CEO of a team Officially built in the aggressive floor of the house discovered using the most luxurious means at your disposal in Sikka has gone 50,000 "60,000 km per month in November and December, about 8 percent Among them is the flight You contribute opinions about this Focusing on costs without focusing on value is not appropriate. If we expect the CEO to communicate with us on request, to carry this out, to carry out their responsibilities, it is important to balance the cost and value. Seshasayee opined. When asked about the luxury of the Palo Alto office, Seshasayee said it was chosen as Sikka's idea. They should have a place on the main street, the rent was signed, and again, what is being selected is a figure that does not understand the real value. When asked if he had been hurt by the continuity of Narayan Murthy (his neck), the relationship of Sikka and Murthy. Sikka said explicitly that they have a personal relationship and a good job. The difference with Mr. Murthy is that I have a very sincere relationship with him. after a story is written and published on its respective platform.

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