Is yoga “ready”?

Today, even a seven-year-old can say he feels stressed at school or at home. Is it because we do not have the skills to deal with our ancestors? Credit: Yogabharti, Bangalore In modern times, we all know the tension and its complications. To cope with stress, attention to physical and physical health has become imperative. We go through a lot of advertising, events, nutrition, yoga experts talk about health and fitness. But before going on a medical diet, we must first look at “Are we really fit and strong?” Our body Stress in all forms of “physical or mental” can take a number on the phone may not be seen immediately This is one of the reasons why we do not want to be stressed, sometimes we do not even realize that we are stressed because we do not care about the body and its signs, when it is involved in a situation / problem, the only thing that attacks us is the solution, but we wonder how the body responds to each stressful situation. science, the entire body system is saving us as a crisis in a corporate world.The team worked tirelessly to deal with the crisis overnight and returned to work the next day. an action, there is a push of adr enaline that drives us to leave. With too much stress, our body systems (which can be cells, joints, body functions, hormonal effects) and coordination can be heavily affected because we rarely try. Waiting time Image credit: iStockPhoto We treat our body system as being at the level where we completely ignore the signs of suffering. We do, but one day it is abandoned and, for some people, minor health problems such as shoulder and back pain, irregular menstruation, headaches, pain, flatulence, etc. progressively develop in chronic health conditions. Then they ask this question, How can this happen to me? I was in shape earlier. Due to ignorance and less awareness, yoga is considered the last resort for treating serious health problems. In such cases, the last resort really becomes the savior. Practical yoga Yoga not only contributes to the total security of a person, but also cures serious health conditions. There is a yoga branch named Yoga Therapy specially designed by Dr. Nagaratna, Yogashree NV Raghuram and Dr. HR Nagendra. “Integrated approach to yoga therapy, is the term used to understand the concept of Vyadhi? Practices are encouraged to restore the internal balance disturbed by stress.The important energy flow (Prana), positive changes in produce in the body. Cure begins with the first sessions of yoga therapy “who feel calm, increase in stamina and decrease It takes time depending on the severity of the state of health, but people experience positive change by learning to pay attention to the body. Note: Yoga therapy has been successful in treating certain health conditions. Yoga therapies have managed to treat certain conditions. health, including cervix, inflammation of the lumbar spine, diabetes, general problems, women’s problems, acute chronic pain in any part of the body, hernia, dystrophy cancer, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy. What does the yoga session include? Body Level Train to breathe with light stretching to match this condition, asana specific yoga, kyyas therapy / cleansing, Prana / Critical Energy Level Pranayama Level of Thought – Intellectual Level – > Read books / articles to learn more about this holistic approach. The above and guide participants to handle stressful life / stress situations. There is a huge difference in a General Yoga and Therapy as a therapist who guides the participants, remembers their needs and health status. Image credit: Yoga Bharti, Bangalore Is there a common misconception that yoga asana means fit? people and not for others. Again, it all depends on our perspective as we constantly see yoga teachers / masters performing perfect postures. It seems to us that a yoga posture can not be performed perfectly, otherwise it is not worth it. But yoga is not mathematics, where there are standard formulas “everything is about Samatvam in every aspect of our lives.” Yoga is not a magic cord and not just yogasanas, pranayama and meditation. It is a comprehensive science of life with holistic values. Says Dr. Nagaratna. .

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