Jharkhand women make economic empowerment with the help of smartphones

For many years, 35-year-old Purnima Mahato traveled miles each day selling papads and gherkins that she was preparing. She does not have to do that anymore. Now she can do everything from marketing her product to receiving payments by simply passing her phone. If you come from India, you may wonder what’s interesting about your phone’s user a few tasks. But for Purnima and others in his rural Jharkhand village, who did not even finish their education, it was the realization and empowerment of a person. Purnima only posts messages on WhatsApp, also acts as a marketing tool and receives orders online. Payment and all other transactions except the delivery of the product by telephone. This was done by the Jharkhand Rural Development Department, distributing smartphones to women entrepreneurs’ support groups (SHGs). rural areas. It helps Purnima, a mother of four, and others like her to get used to the Internet and save a lot of trouble as a businesswoman in the country. The project was initiated to support the central government’s digital twinning initiative covering all transactions. It’s not just the digital economy that makes the smartphone a reality, but at the same time, no one can deny the great importance that smartphones have in modern times , especially for companies. He continues to add, 100,000 smartphones with a free network will be available to beneficiaries over the next two months and by 2019 we plan to deliver more than 100,000 smartphones for self-help groups. This initiative will go a long way toward empowering women in society and the economy.

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