Kerala became the first state to affirm that the Internet was a fundamental right; Free wifi notification for 20 lakh citizens

Today, the Internet has become as essential as any other product. Continuing with the changing times, the government of Kerala has announced an initiative in this budget to provide free Internet connection to 20 thousand citizens. This was announced by Finance Minister Kerala Thomas Issac during the budget session for 2017-2018 on March 3, 2017. Photos: Shutterstock It is claimed to be the basic right like water, food and education for all citizens of Kerala. In particular, Kerala has taken a step towards the approach led by the UN. The Finance Minister said The Internet will now become the right of all, and within 18 months, the Internet portal will be established through the telephone network K. Rs 1,000 rate crore The government has made some plans to ensure that specific measures are taken in this regard. According to the plan, the government wants to provide free Internet access to 20,000 citizens and also extend broadband connectivity to almost every household in the state. This project is called K-Fon, and the plan is to place fiber optic cables in parallel with the Electricity Council of the State of Kerala (KSEB) throughout the state. The Minister of Electronics and Information Technology, M. Sivasankar, says: The idea of ??government is to provide a limited Internet connection to households through a fiber network optics established in parallel with the KSEB distribution network. The project is expected to be completed in 18 months, and a total of Rs 1,000 crore has been allocated. The project aims to guarantee free Internet access through the use of WiFi hotspots in Akshaya, Janasevana Kendras centers, government offices, libraries and public places. Kerala is the state with the highest literacy rate and the government has understood and recognized the importance of Internet access at all times when everything, including Governance, is entering into the digital age This step is expected to attract the attention of others towards India’s digital policies. Do you have an interesting story to share? Write us to tci Qua Contact us . To keep up with more positive news, connect with us and. .

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