Looking to combine print and digital media, The New York Times will include tweets from journalists in its print edition

The battle between print and digital media has led to innumerable comments and lectures on social networks, with Twitter as the leader. And even with the world gradually turning to digital, there is still a dedicated user base of printing, happy to receive newspapers from outside the door each morning and read them in the restaurant. sparkly. are some parameters that you should check here. First, do these readers miss the instant news delivered by digital media? Similarly, users of digital media have lost important local titles in the context of endless online content. To counteract this controversial conflict, The New York Times has a “Eureka! Why not combine the two printed and digital worlds and make life easier for everyone? One day, they announced that they would restructure all the design and design, and A3 and A4 for tweets and other new content, witnessed by the printed edition. According to the editor of The New York Times, The Times has a universe in expansion beyond the written press, and wen is pleased to turn the A2 and A3 sites into a correct destination, read it to give the reader an idea Print a symbolic movement for the newspaper, the masthead of the New York Times will appear on A2 instead of its editorial counterpart, it marked a sharp distinction in the long tradition.Before the renewal of these pages, A2 and A3 were used to list reviews of previous articles and to summarize other articles in the newspaper. It was in which individuals Donald Trump, Bill Gate and Elon Musk expressed their opinions actively through Twitter, reporters are difficult to provide summarized and updated news, can be in the form of text or images, through the platform, immediately review the characteristics of access. At the same time, in an effort to go beyond the limited content that fills the printed pages, the company is also looking to incorporate other types of exclusive digital content to provide it with cutting-edge details. plus. With these changes in the print edition, the journal will mimic the focus of the “front-of-the-bookn” magazine. It will include columns such as “Inside the Times”, with a look behind the scenes of the industry, “Spotlightn”, “introducing the social media updates of the correspondents of the Times and” Here to Helpn. “Includes self-help tips, recipes and recommendations of cinema and technology. “Note on how digital and printing could be you?”, NY Times Editor-in-Chief tells how this movement is not just an effort to expand the news and the content of them, but also to place We also realize that there are some important functions that this site can play “not only to encourage people, but also to provide a dashboard with a huge variety of activities. That’s happening in the world of The New York Times on any given day. The scope has expanded in recent years not only to what is happening in the print and video versions, podcasts and streaming accounts. Our different social media institutions, but also our direct means and all our social media accounts. This radical movement The New York Times to compile its print and digital aspects could be the first of many of these trends. . .

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