Many free software for Jio users: Mukesh Ambani

Reliance Jio has exceeded 100 million customers in 170 days, Reliance Industries president Mukesh Ambani said on Tuesday when he announced a series of proposals, including 20% more data. any opponent April. Image: Flickr He said, We will continue to offer free voice calls and roaming messages. On April 1, when advertising ends, the free provision of voice and data. For existing customers, it has announced that current benefits will continue. Follow the new rate plan in the next 12 months paying Rs 303 per month and a single rate of Rs. 99. Ambani said in a live broadcast on the company’s social media accounts, Jio launched his service on September 5 last year. Today, just 170 days later, Jio has surpassed 100 million customers on 4G LTE, its full-service wireless broadband network. His return to operations The telecommunications business after a decade of freedom of voice and cheap data plans has shaken the Indian telecommunications industry, which has forced the parties to consider merging and adjusting Jio’s rates. With the New Year greetings, similar to the initial promotion of freedom of expression and data to attract customers, which will end on March 31, Jio will begin offering the package from April 1. Ambani says that all national calls to any network, including STDs and roaming, will remain free. For the data, Jio will not only match the highest sales tax rate of every other leading telecom operator in India, it will also provide 20% more data for each of these plans. For the current 100 million users, the Jio Prime Membership Program has been announced, where customers can register paying a single fee of Rs 99 and continue receiving. The benefits are available until March 2018 with the “minimum introductory price of Rs 303 per month”. In 170 days, Jio has added an average of almost seven clients in his network every second once a day. This is an unprecedented level of acceptance for any technology company in the world, he said. With 200 minutes of voice and video calls, more than 100 GB or 3.3 million GB of data have been consumed in Jio Network, making India a nation. The number one in the world to use mobile data, he said. Using data in Jio is almost consistent with usage in the United States and almost half of all Chinese. An important part of this information is used as video and Jio takes almost 5.5 hours of video crossing every day. This makes Jio one of the largest mobile video networks in the world, he said. At the same time, read: Jio expands the main plans until June, but with a turn Ambani says that Jio has more than doubled the seasons 4G base of all the other Indian operators together. And we are making our network better, faster and stronger with each passing day. In the coming months, we will double our data capacity and this means better quality for our customers, Add year-end 2017, the Jio network will be available near all cities, towns and villages in India, representing 99% of the population. . .

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