Meet Shyama, the first transsexual of the Kerala government

Shyama. S is a transsexual from Trivandrum, Kerala. Kerala has progressed in many ways and has been the first state to undertake many initiatives on transnational issues. Added to this is the fact that Trivandrum is the capital of Kerala. However, before Shyama, only two transgender people had graduated from graduate school in the district. On the positive side, Shyama became the first transgender woman to receive a cash prize of Rs.20,000 as part of the Keralaare Transgender policy. For Shyama, whose dream was to obtain a PhD, the trip was anything but difficult. Speaking of my way, he says, I am a victim of speech abuse at school and college. I was mocked when I attended an interview for a teacher at a school in Kazhakuttam 2014. The members of the interview board made fun of my appearance and behavior. But I’m not willing to give up. I chose not to respond to the abuse and decided that my concentration would be studied, ?? Although she has faced many struggles since childhood, she is always strong and never gives up. His father died while he was still in school and his mother was his only source of support. She earns money by appearing on television shows. But his dream is to complete his doctorate and come back and help everyone in his community get the right guidance and support. Because she really believes that only a transsexual can better understand the problem of others in the community. However, your dream will only be a dream if you do not receive financial support from the government and continue to receive the money. Even though we now have a policy for putting things, Shayama feels that many things are only on paper. For example, many forms of application are still only masculine and feminine as options to choose from and without options for the third sex. The scholarship that he receives is more significant in that condition. According to her, So far, none of the policies, including transgender IDs, have been implemented. So, this is a welcome step, ?? Do you have an interesting story to share? Write us to tci Qua Contact us . To keep up with more positive news, connect with us and. . .

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