Meet the business behind pens grow in plants

Old wooden pens can now return to plants! This is not magic – this fact is brought to you by the world’s startup shoots. Copenhagen, outside Denmark, establishes company writing equipment and business cards, when grown in soil, grasses, vegetables or flowers grow in them, report Image: (L) S. (R) The idea is to encourage people to know the source of products and what happens when they are no longer useful. So far, people take permanent pencils from the buds. The company, launched in 2014, says sales are on the rise. “We know as individuals that we can not save the planet, but we can reduce the small things, we can spray CEO Michael told StauSom The Huffington Post,” Take steps Small in our daily lives. When people buy pencils, people come to this notice – you may feel that you can not make any difference in buying something, “Do not throw it away later, rather than throw it away.” From giving it a new life. “/ / This is a simple concept, instead of an eraser, each pen contains a seed capsule on one side One of the many types of plants in the capsule – herbs such as Rosemari or herbs, flowers such as marigold or roses and green vegetables such as vegetables, etc. Once you use a pencil, Touch the end of the capsule in some soil and water.The company said the seed In 2012, the concept of plastic pen was developed by three students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Sprout bought the idea two years later. In 2012, The company says its sales were $ 2 million last year and is expected to double by the end of this year Disney, IKA, Marriott and Bank of America are all customers who buy a pencil Wholesale as creative gift bag. People can also buy pencils in supermarkets and supermarkets, where customers offer an ideal classification of pencils. For more positive news, please contact us and

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