Meet with foresters to help Kerala become a stool

Becoming a forest officer is not easy for a woman because she has to break many barriers and gender stereotypes. For someone with a strong will like P.G. Sudha, however, do it right at the beginning. Despite many obstacles in her journey to become a defeated forestry officer, she fought relentlessly against the adversity she faced. Thanks to her hard work, she received the 2006 Kerala Government’s Best Forest Protection Award. What she can not ignore is not only that. She plays an important role in making Kerala a free flaw, helping her to become the first to declare love. ODF status among large states. In Kerala, Kerala is the third state after Sikkim and Himachal Pradesh have officially declared ODF status. In doing so, the state has helped nearly 800,000 people, including tribal areas. This is where Sudha enters the picture. Sudha, originally from Kuttampuzha (Ernakulam), played an important role in the construction of nearly 500 latrines in nine tribal settlements in Ernakulam. Although not easy, she completed it in less than a year. Speaking of the difficulties she encountered when building the toilet, she said to her, Even though everyone here could afford the toilet, the colonies did not exist. This is because they are comfortable with open anal passages. Second, the construction of a toilet is not an easy task, as the supply of exterior building materials is a difficult task. Life is difficult in the tribal colonies, where the base is minimal compared to the other parts of the area had to walk for three hours to reach the settlements. Moreover, there is no contractor available to undertake the task when the bids are invited, so it represents 90% of the quests. Despite all these obstacles, Sudha made sure that the toilets were built on time, so she was handed over to Minister Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan. Are you interesting? Please write to us at tci Contact us. To stay up to date with more positive news, please contact ct with us on and. . .

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