Moglix increased $ 12 million from IFC, Rocketship, Accel, Jungle Ventures and others

Moglix, a leading B2B e-commerce company, aims to transform India’s digital manufacturing supply chain, announcing on Thursday that it has closed a $ 12 million Series B sponsorship. The participation of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group and, with Moglixare, investors Accel Partners, Jungle Ventures, Shailesh Rao, former Google Twitter Vice President and Venture Highway, as Neeraj advised Arora from WhatsApp. Moglix is ??also backed by Tata Sonsn ‘chairman of the Tata Ratan list since its inception. It was his first investment in business-to-business e-commerce. Moglix’s goal is to deploy support funds and further strengthen its technology solutions in the supply chain and manufacturing sectors, promote infrastructure growth, and facilitate local expansion plans. reason. / p> Tata Sonsn President Honorary President Ratana Tata (left) and Rahul Garg, Moglix. > Moglix was founded in August 2015 by Rahul Garg, formerly head of the advertising at Google Asia. As a business-to-business e-commerce market, Moglix specializes in the supply of industrial products such as MRO, fasteners, electrical, hardware, pneumatics and security. Its goal is to become the largest technology platform where demand and supply can be matched by price discovery and product availability. Partners Accel, Jungle Ventures, SeedPlus and Venture Highway. With the current round, Moglix’s total fundraising is approximately $ 18 million. In 2016, Moglix also integrated the SAP boot camp program and began working closely with SAP on digital acceleration in manufacturing companies. Moglix noted that its current strength group exceeds 200 employees and says its solutions are aimed at more than one small and medium-sized enterprise (SME), and more than 200 major manufacturers in India. Moglix currently owns more than two lakh storage facilities listed on its platform and serves some of the largest public, electric, and public utilities in the country, including Lumax, IndiaForge, Havells and many others. With the recent reforms to implement the GST and move to a non-monetary economy, Moglix believes it will be available. Will serve more customers in the next few days. In production, there is a tax obligation at each stage. With more than two years of experience in the field, Moglix has launched a new product, a manufacturing solution that will make the entire customer ecosystem compatible with the GST and ready for the future. . The company has noted that GreenGST is Moglix’s main business, so the entire management team is doing its job. According to their website, GreenGST is offered at Rs 5,000 per month and can support 5,000 invoices and ERP integration. with the launch of GreenGST. Business-to-business commerce is a space in full emergence and Moglix is ??at the center of its concerns. It’s interesting to see their commitment since its inception. Anurag Srivastava, managing partner of Jungle Ventures, notes that as a board member, it has been observed that Moglix strives to excel at every step and has achieved a sustainable and sustainable development with. In a statement, the Moglix team is doing a great job building the industry’s leading SaaS products for the manufacturing and supply chain. Industry Overview and Plans for the Future The company specializes in the digital procurement of industrial and purpose MROs. funds to expand geography across many industrial centers in India. CEO, Moglix said: According to a recent industry report, the global market for e-commerce businesses is expected to reach 7 trillion in 2020, twice as large as the B2C market. We are making progress to tap the market potential in India and other Asian countries. While B2C ecommerce players are more in the public eye, some of the great B2B ecommerce players in India include, Power2SME, IndustryBuying, Bizongo, Tolexo, OfBusiness and JustBuyLive. Amazon has launched and its Indian branch is currently selling various products ranging from office supplies and computer peripherals to medical supplies and cosmetics. OfBusiness increased its Rs 75 crore by Zodius in December 2016, while raising its capital, Power2SME D with Nandan Nilekani and its current investors in early 2016. India’s manufacturing sector is the least digitized by any other industry in the country. Moglix estimates that today, only 2 to 3 percent of production units use digital platforms in their supply chain management. With this investment, Moglix seeks to foster the digital revolution of the manufacturing sector in India with its integrated solution for digital supply chains, and aims to launch three Other cities in India, besides its presence in present Delhi NCR, Pune Chennai. In order to deal with videosix requirements, Moglix noted that work boots to install facilities in the belts of Gujarat, Karnataka and eastern India. Site- .

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