Mothers work and why their health should be a priority

Tanushree (name change) lives in Bengaluru and has a successful career in MNC. At the end of last year, after a busy day at work, the 34-year-old was sleeping in the bathroom, where his family discovered he was in a coma. Doctors said the combination of lack of sleep, work stress and young children to see has triggered the episode. In Delhi, Lakshmi (whose name has changed) also works at the MNC and has a headache, fatigue, sourness. , hormonal imbalance and even blood pressure problems. She has no time for herself. By preparing her children for school and working on her own, she skips breakfast. At 1am, she began to worry and contacted the house to check if her son was picked up at school. Meanwhile, she consumed two cups of coffee. She ate lunch at the dining area and some cups of coffee and tea kept her on her toes until 6:30 am when she left home. During the drive, she stopped to get the supplies or art supplies her children needed for school, and she drew up her menu for dinner and breakfast the next day. In the evening, I felt myself running the marathon. There is so much to do, so much work to do. She and her focus on what needs to be done the next day. I do not have time to read books, spend time in hot water or exercise. I was anxious and irritable because I always thought about what to do next. If I do not spend time with children, I feel guilty. If I can not go to a girl’s party or date with my husband, I feel like a failure “like a mother, a friend and a woman” because I can not do more ,? To The 36-year-old said. Lakshmiare’s history is of the whole world, many of which collapse like Tanushree. Mothers continue to take on most of the family responsibilities and raise their children. Most urban households in India have mothers who spend 8 hours working, followed by hours worked at home. With technology and applications in our favor, life has not become simple for mothers working in the city. Mums are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. According to the report, in South Asia, women report more unpaid domestic work and care than men: ten times as much in Pakistan; more than seven times as much in India; and almost triple in Bangladesh. Health issues and active mothers Hypnotherapy, Hypertension and Fatigue are some common diseases experienced by mothers. the kid, and if they quit, they feel guilty about their work, and they can gain weight because they become careless about their jobs. “Anindita Bhateja, a specialist consultant at specialized hospital. Pre-natal yoga and a certified Lamaze child educator share their own experiences, an observation I have made over the past few years is chronic migraine, acidity and tangle. Thyroid disorders are three lines that seem to increase women working with young children. I guess it could be Due to emotional stress that a mother is working outside the home tolerance and acidity may be due to eating at the wrong time and excessive caffeine. There is no doubt that working mothers are stressed both emotionally and physically, expressing themselves in more complex ways. Sadaf Vidha, a Type A Thought psychiatrist (formerly Mind Your Mind), points out that working mothers have expectations from their husbands that he will help out at home. Men are often unaware of these expectations, which cause a break in relationships because women’s expectations have never met. Ariel’s promotional memories where a father is expressing his daughter’s apology for setting a bad example and not helping his wife do housework? That’s a good proof of the urban Indian scenario where a vicious cycle is set in motion because men do not see their father sharing the burden and the grown up girls see their mother sharing public. at home. Sadaf sharing this, the stress of the relationship does not work well improves the problem because most people can not split things up. . Mothers continue to think about relationships at work. Sometimes this also has an impact on their professional lives. What the mothers need to do Dr. Anindita Bhateja says that foodless care has Causes of anemia and low levels of calcium at home. A well balanced diet, such as walking 20 minutes and 30 minutes with your baby at least five times a week, and being happy with what you have and what you can do, will go a long way to keeping. for healthy urban mothers. , ?? she speaks. Easier said than done, make fun of some mothers around me. However, there are others like Nidhi Abraham, a two-year-old man asking otherwise. Nidhi, a deputy director of a finance company in Bangalore, has joined a training team near her home that focuses on various forms of exercise such as yoga, Zumba, etc. She works one hour a day and diets. p> is even more important. Juggling between work and motherhood is a challenge for mothers to sit in the back seat. she speaks. Do everything better for mothers to work It is also suspected that mothers should take better care of themselves and give better priority to their health, the challenges they face must also be reduced. The father needs to be aware of the challenges women face and must be equal in work, child care and housework. be paid differently. This will not only significantly reduce the pressure on women, but also give them more time to pursue other activities in their spare time. Acting or not following the unrealistic expectations of others The husband and husband must actively participate in child care and have real expectations from the mother. According to the progress of Worldare Women’s 2015, “the annual report on safety and certified summer days for children’s safety is not a problem. 2016, despite the benefits to society, unpaid primary care work performed by women is not integrated in GDP calculations, as reflected in other macroeconomic indicators, Up to the development of Wallet In India, the total time spent on unpaid and domestic care is estimated at 39% of GDP. 39% Therefore, it is important for the government to do more for mothers. The government must recognize and reduce the domestic work of women and also invest in child-friendly, family-friendly policies, flexible working hours, services and infrastructure. Ensuring a healthy mother, government, workplace and family must create an environment.

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