My mother is Jhansi ki Rani: businessmen remember their mother

The businessmen of Mother’s Day opened on their mothers. From the assessment and acquisition of exit strategies and team building, without emotion in the life of an entrepreneur. However, so exciting, build, nurture and develop a company is, is, if I have to borrow a line from the WG Davies ‘entertainment’ poem, there is no time to stand up and gaze contemplating. ?? In the middle of all the madness (is not that what it is?) It is difficult to make time, and although it may not be enough to stand up and staring, eventually sitting up and share. Rani Lakshmi Bai is a symbol of Jhansi. In this Motherare, the goal is to look beyond the workplace and focus on the strength of an entrepreneur’s family and loved ones. Mother’s Day presents a perfect opportunity to remember and talk about a person in our life that unites us in a unique relationship. Mothers are the anchor, the first role model of us, and the only ones who accept and love us unconditionally with all our guilt. These are the three entrepreneurs of many of whom I have contacted not only to review their childhood, but also to share their opinions about their mothers. Sanjay Sethi, founder and CEO, ShopClues We offer Sanjayare TED talk about “finding Sanjay remembered a great moment is his life is in fourth grade met the courage to tell her that she should stop teaching him and that she will maintain or improve her classification in the class but do not slide down. Sanjay explained that her mother, with the height and To build in an imposing figure and so difficult to ignore, to ask your mother to allow her to follow the style of learning her own at the elementary level is a difficult task, but one that does not, nevertheless, point nger in my life, because From then on his mother was stopped by her teacher. When Sanjay grew up, how to talk about him with his father became intellectually stimulating whereas while with his mother, like many of us, the physical closeness it’s important. Sanjay Sethi Sanjay Rani of Jhansi called mother because her mother of J Hansi and Sanjay spent a few years in high school. It was not only a geographical relationship with Jhansi, but also the joy of having his mother take his name. According to Sanjay, his mother’s right arm is always due to accidents and other diseases and even after two decades, the cracks do not heal. With steel plates in his arm and an unconscious stroke several years ago, he is currently battling cancer. Faced with the challenges that my mother saw, if it was someone else she was abandoned long ago or depression. But my mother is strong and fighter ?? It is the quality of her to express an independent aspect with all the problems she has experienced and her joy and love for her life are remarkable, according to Sanjay. Sanjay left home during college and spent almost a decade and a half in the United States. She remembered how happy her mother was when she decided to go back and although she did not understand the job and her role as an entrepreneur, she is very excited about the Shopclues ads on television. He shared with me his mother responded to his first television interview in Noida a few years ago. Since this is my first time on television, I told my mother, father and sister. However, I have to represent the entire electronic commerce industry and is said to convince the audience and the panel that e-commerce is not a place to sell counterfeit and fake products. I was rang.?? Sanjay counted again when he returned home, he was surprised to discover that his parents not only registered direct relevance, but also the pride of presenting his to others What happened in the program did not they care. The absence of judgment is so great that I fell in love When he signed it, he left me with only two words for his mother, but the best words in the world: I love you. Sujayath Ali, co-founder and CEO of Voonik In a family where generations have been working as government officials, Stable work and stable living, Sujayath broke the pattern and got his mother’s business chain. My mother is not happy with her usual monotonous lifestyle and deals with many different companies. She sells the tunics and baby clothes of our house. At Diwali, she used to sell cookies in front of our house while selling lottery tickets and renting toys for other children, all at the age of 11, all inspired by her. ?? Along with the entrepreneurial spirit, it has also attracted many important lessons from her life. Remembering his childhood, he shared with his mother that he had trained him and his brother so that they could excel in what they loved most. She shared, she enrolled me in a costume contest when she was four years old, she dressed me like the poet Tamil Bharathi. Since that year, I have always won the competition at school. She will teach me voice communication and voice modulation and will patiently keep it until I understand it correctly. Since we do not have the ability to make the costumes ourselves, she will do them. That person was also his criticism when he started writing stories and poetry. She always set the bar high and ready to fight to get what I deserve. ?? Sujayath says that when he was 12 years old, he participated in a competition in his neighborhood and received prizes for several songs with the exception of one song. I’m very happy, but my mother is not. The judges reasoned that they did not want me to give all the prizes, so they rejected the prize in a contest. But he fought for it, the reason why the prizes in a contest should not depend on what happens in others. Later, she told me that I would not fight if they rejected the prize in other competitions (as singing was not my strong point, but they still granted me), but My home is my strength and I deserve it. From that day on, I always fight for what I deserve. Of all the qualities that his greatness admires. She is always calm and composed and never loses clarity of thought even in an emergency. When there are emergency situations in my family or with my relatives, she always knows what to do. In fact, according to Sujayath, his mother has never been surprised by his success. She and my dad had a lot of confidence in me when I decided to quit my job and borrow Rs 14akh to join ISB, as well as when I moved from well-paying jobs. The United States to start a company in India have made their followers. And it continues like this. And this mother has a message for her mother:

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