Naiyya Saggi’s Five Year Plan: To see BabyChakra as a trusted companion of all young parents

The co-founder of BabyChakra intends to develop artificial and offline intelligence and machine learning to expand online platforms that connect India’s parents to the best services for their children. . Everything we do starts with the needs of our parents, “says Naiyya Saggi, co-founder of BabyChakra, an online platform that connects Indian parents. With the best services for their babies. From Harvard Business School with a degree of law from NLU, Naiyya has, through BabyChakra, made a decent mark in the world of originality. Naiyya Saggi Begin Naiyya begins her business trip. In 2014, after watching her sister, an independent and smart corporate lawyer, struggled as a new mother, “Spends a lot of time listening to random advice, browsing Google and testing. With different doctors and birthdays Naiyyaare recognizes that there is an immediate need for a childcare platform. I have in India led to the birth of BabyChakra. There was no turning back from that; It not only manages BabyChakra, but has also raised funds from investors such as Mumbai Angels, Arihant Patniare Family Office and Singapore Angel Network. This week’s discussion program on the Videoix platform, Naiyya talked about the challenges she faced early in her career, her tips for aspiring entrepreneurs and Future Plans for BabyChakra. Why BabyChakra? People today prefer fewer children to care and their interest is focused on one or two children. In today’s nuclear family, parents feel that what they can give to their children is limited and so want to make sure they provide the best. All of this raises the need for a quick platform for parents, especially for new mothers, to help them provide the most comprehensive experience for their children. By creating an online community of mothers so they can offer advice, other recommendations and support, BabyChakra has been able to earn the trust of their parents. At BabyChakra, we are fully committed to ensuring that we help parents become the best possible parents. Building a BabyChakra Brand Branding is not an easy task and you have to keep going. market demand, technological change and a better customer experience. Naiyya shares what is happening at BabyChakra and how they introduced new tools for parents. Growth Tracker: For parents to measure their height and weight while on the move. Immunization Monitoring: Helps parents monitor the necessary immunizations for children and establishes the corresponding recalls. Improved App Engagement: To make sure every parent finds a highly personalized BabyChakra experience, “community, content and services / products. appropriate to buy for themselves and their families. Online market: Only markets of this type where parents can buy both services and products arranged for their children. When traveling on the road Priority and priority are the keys to success. Entrepreneurs are not easy. They experience the highest and lowest levels while building their startup businesses. As the founder of a successful start-up, Naiyya has good advice for young entrepreneurs and new entrepreneurs. According to her, a businessman should be ready to show all his ego; continually challenge the status quo; They are always ready to learn new skills while paying attention to money. Optimizing staff is another very important requirement. In addition, every businessman should have the following in his playground: Opportunities / Problems declare. Opportunity size of market size, TAM and revenue potential. Your solution. What makes you different from other solutions / business models. The group you have and why you can win this market. The first forecast of growth and earnings: at a very early stage can also be your choice of market strategy: your choice of stage and order of preference. Forensic area / department solves to give a strong indication of your direction as an entrepreneur. The economy of the unit. And then? Try to win in a segment and then you will understand the formula to win jointly. ?? Naiyya was inspired a lot by entrepreneurs like Ameera Shah of Metropolis, Manisha Raisinghani of LogiNext, and Aswini Asokan of Mad Street Den and their favorite style of problem solving. She recently had the chance to meet Mark Zuckerberg. At the meeting, she said: It was a real privilege to have the opportunity to talk to him and tell him about BabyChakra and the opportunities / challenges we face. in India . Praising his skill in solving the problem, she adds, he has this great quality, you get at the deep talk points and solve the quiz. The problem of a very difficult point. Need digital detox in this digital world None of us can deny the importance of male and Naiyya time appreciate too much. In preparation for next year, Naiyya will definitely spend two weeks vacationing with her husband in a place with no Internet connection, and more often, she tries to update every Sunday night. BabyChakra’s Future For five years, BabyChakra has been a trusted companion of every young parent. ?? Due to the fact that many Indian mothers do not have online facilities. , BabyChakra is working to host a series of offline baby feeding and breastfeeding events nationwide. It will be in major cities, but also in secondary cities like Nagpur. BabyChakra plans to combine advanced technologies Natural language therapy helps hundreds of millions of parents in a very personal and relevant context for their children’s overall development, geography, language and socioeconomic environment. economic factors. .

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