Ober, Ola: Despite the popularity of Anand Mahindra, buyers will still be personal cars

After describing yacht transportation services like Uber and Oula as a threat to the industry, Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra said that the entry of individual car dealers would not be the cause of their extinction. “Despite the roads and the boom, individual buyers will not be cut off from cities and passenger cars,” Mahindra said in a video message about the launch of the company’s compact SUV in Chakan, Maharashtra. Although he admits that because of the “common economy”, the total number of passengers and city users may drop, “there will be many buyers in fact Want to be a car owner and have a driving experience? On the sensitive sensitivity to pollution, he said: “Carbon and space have been occupied, and there is severe social pressure to use vehicles in each of the footprints.” It is worth mentioning that in September last year, Mahindra was one of the heads Car makers raise concerns about taxi collection applications. “The ease with which my application is easy Taxi like Uber and Ola is the biggest potential threat to the auto industry. As the operators of the applications have moved an element, they can be affected by the (automatic) sales that could be affected. “Mahindra says that, to overcome the automotive requirements, the automotive industry is about to create” emotional “cars.” Market polarization occurs and I am not a strong believer in development “Ober is keen to increase India’s presence from the current 18. The industry estimates that the daily journey to Uber was about 200,000. Despite the initial payoffs in India, US billion to increase its operations by March next year Which leads to the market in terms of the number of traders, drivers and users, and by a wide margin, also gets millions of dollars of investment to increase its share in the market.

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