Ola Bike started riding in Faridabad

Ola Transportation Services today presented the most discussed platform, “Ola Bike” in Faridabad, with more than 100 bicycles. The objective is to solve the connection of the last mile in the city. The company’s press release has stated that Ola Bike will be reduced to 500 in the coming months. They launched similar ones in Gurgaon last year, which they said was a great success with more than 800 bicycles operating now. Ola bicycles are available in Faridabad for 5 Rs / km for 20 Rs during the first 3 km. Selected for the Government’s “Smart City Mission”, Faridabad is owned by Haryana. Residents of Faridabad travel to New Delhi, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon and other cities. Haryana is almost daily. Ola says the initiative will help people maneuver through the congested streets of the city at affordable prices. India has more than 150 million registered two-wheelers. Ola Bike, the second largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world, will not only exploit this growing portfolio, but will also provide employment opportunities to millions of Indians and help them take the first step. Olaare’s common features, such as live travel tracking, non-cash payment, travel invoices. And the security features in the application will also be available for Ola Bike. “Ola has provided taxi options that include rental services and outstation in Faridabad. Uberare rivals on two wheels have problems in Bangalore because of the regulations Deep said the launch of the Ola bicycle followed to the memorandum of understanding with the Haryana government to present a variety of travel options throughout the state In June, Ola signed an agreement with the Haryana government to create more than 10,000 entrepreneurs in the state with an investment of 350 rupees for 5 years. . .

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