Parminder Sahni VsnapU brings new meaning to clickbait

With VsnapU, Parminder Sahni from Raipur is set up to let the photographers go, record, your memories for you. Parminder Sahni shows where there is a will, there is a way. For some people, this is never the first. Whether it’s trying a new job or traveling to another city, some people manage it as easily as if they were there, doing it. Last year, Parminder 29 Sahni made a mental map of the city of entrepreneurs in Bangalore, where he said: Gali, Gali start mein two ?? (can start in each lane) Sitting in his travel office in Raipur, he often dreamed of walking the streets of the city shaking hands with entrepreneurs and investors. So when he came to Silicon Valley in India, Parminder could smell the air. I want to be part of the Bangaloreare startup ecosystem. I would like to attend regular meetings and visit large spaces of collaboration to encourage collaboration. It feels like a dream come true, ?? he told me. Mecca for startup Located right next to the boat, Parminder found a foot in the land of entrepreneurship. He regularly attends meetings with other businessmen and talks about his startup, VsnapU, which he says is an Uber for photographers. I met him at a meeting recently where he was sitting right in the front row listening to “gurun” of Nadhani’s bootstrapping pallav talk about the virtues of building a business without borrowing money. Between samosa and bottles, he tells me: It’s hard to find that kind of growing up in downtown India, today the capital of Chhattisgarh, Parminder, like many small town entrepreneurs, starving because that guidance and advice. All cities in India are not for start-ups, he added, but no city can limit businessmen. Can start anywhere and sell for everyone. India enabled digital. ?? Four years ago, he set up his Travel business with a laptop on loan, hoping he’ll be able to break the travel space. His company deals with international tourists and organizes their tours in India and Sri Lanka. I do not know what went wrong, but it can not evolve like a boot. Although it works successfully, it has become like any other small travel agent business. he said. Better to take self portraits? An example of VsnapU holiday family photo. Without entrepreneurship, Parminder is always looking for an opportunity to do business in technology. And then the opportunity to meet newlyweds changed everything for him. I received a question from a friend who wanted a photographer while he was on honeymoon. This proved to be an expensive affair for Rs, he said. Now it’s clickbait That’s when VsnapU’s idea came to him. I discussed with co-founder Kaushik Singh, who was watching any technique and Shahnawaz Sadic, the marketing of caregivers, and we started working on the basis of this new technology to collect family photographers ?? The idea is to allow photographers easy, inexpensive and without the hassle of the user wanting. Parminder planned to travel to Dubai for a trade show tour, but canceled it at the last minute and used the money to develop her dream of starting a business in September. He chose Munnar Kerala as the first stop because it was the first choice for many travelers and he knew some hotel owners. I rented two local photographers and two marketing men, one from IIM Bodh Gaya and one from IIT Kharagpur. ?? Parminder, who has left a management school in Raipur, says he has always had a passion for people from top organizations. I started to train my mind to fight any situation and validate my new ideas, ?? he added, revealed that he had treated his breakthrough in this new venture as a war. It’s funny but I’m looking for inspiration from the Hindi movie comedian Sunny Deolare. In my war, victory is the only option, ?? He laughed, and we exchanged some laughter. But things did not work out as planned in Munnar. The owners of the hotel did not buy in this concept. We had to change our plan in place? he said. In contrast, they have assembled their promotional packages including travelers and other collateral at some tourist locations. A Jalandhar family has signed up to become their first customer, followed by two honeymoons. A snapshot of one of VsnapU’s clients during their honeymoon. Drag has been launched and we have also started putting online for photography in Kerala. he announced with a satisfied smile. In the event of a cowardly way. Parminder decided to settle in Bengaluru. If I have to make VsnapU a brand to look at, I have to stay in this city before? he said. He praised the lama, the founder of, who was kind enough to let it work from his office. We are currently in progress, but we are seeking to raise funds to expand our presence to the first four major cities. Angel’s sponsorship will help us manage our staff and market our products. He revealed. The Parminderare business plan is to reach out to people by focusing on major hotel chains, travel agents, accessories stores and birthday cakes and water spots. pubs and nightclubs. We do not compete with cell phone cameras. I believe that self-portrait is not enough to create a long lasting memory like a high quality image. Is it for posterity? He answered my question about why someone wants to hire a photographer these days. VsnapU mainly targets the wedding and travel sector where people always prefer to hire professional photographers. Currently, he has 55 photographers all over India on his platform. We charge customers from Rs 2,000 for one hour of filming and about Rs 8,000 for the whole day. Compare that to what professional photographers charge, and you can see the value proposition, ?? Parminder added that he kept a profit of 30-40% to make money. Parminder with his team. There are a dozen players in this space, especially in the wedding market, but what I find fascinating about VsnapU Parminderare is the brave. In the first year of his first company operation (Travelwithsmile), he recorded a revenue of Rs 1 crore without prior experience operating a business. After that, his parents stopped worrying that their son had gone the wrong way. Perhaps influenced by Bengali startup terms, Parminder has a line to follow with its introduction: From a businessman in Raipur to a founding entrepreneur in Bengaluru. But for me, his journey is better in one word – daring. .

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